Vegan Products: Everything You Need for a Cruelty-Free Skincare

Veganism is, by definition, a way of life that seeks to reject the exploitation of animals and the consumption of products derived from them. Meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, honey, wool, silk, leather and any other product that could mean their mistreatment, even if it does not contain ingredients or materials derived from an animal, including cosmetic and skincare products tested on animals. Vegan Products: everything you need for vegan skincare, a cruelty free alternative.

What is veganism?

It is therefore a change in the paradigm of feeding and relationship of human beings with the environment and animals. Follows the idea of implementing a more respectful and empathetic relationship with them. It is understood that they are sentient beings with the capacity to love, feel and make decisions.

Being an ethical stance, veganism also rejects celebrations that include torture, slavery, forced labor and the general use of animals in shows such as bullfighting, ponies and horses at fairs, and even the captivity of animals in zoos.

What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan?

Colloquially, the term 'vegetarian' usually refers to ovo-lacto-vegetarians, i.e. people who partially reject the consumption of products derived from animals: such as meat or fish, but do consume derived products such as dairy products, honey or eggs. The difference with respect to veganism is precisely that: since the 'vegan' completely rejects the consumption of animal derivatives: fully vegan products.

There are also other names that aim to be even more specific, such as ovo-vegetarian (the only animal derivative consumed is egg), lacto-vegetarian (consumes dairy products) or api-vegetarian (consumes honey). Over time, new terms have emerged that seek to include other forms of food in this way of life, such as pisci-vegetarian or flexi-vegetarian, trends that refer to the way of eating of people who do consume animals (fish or meat) but only sporadically.

Why be vegan?

Veganism has an unimpeachable ethical root. It is basically the unstoppable engine of a movement that seeks a future free of animal exploitation, where animals are no longer considered things and objects of consumption for human beings. When we talk about animals affected by the consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products, we have to talk about millions. Tens and hundreds of millions of animals whose lives are taken away from them simply because they belong to a certain species. If we also count the fish that die from fish consumption and the bees that die from honey consumption, the results we would face are almost impossible to calculate.

  • Meat consumption and the environment

It turns out that refusing to consume animals also has a positive impact on the planet. Although it is hard to believe, it is known that the livestock industry is one of the main causes of climate change. This is due to the large extensions of land it needs to exploit for its production (the extensions sown to feed the animals and the extensions occupied by the animals that will be food for humans), the emissions of waste and gas that the animals generate, added to the transportation needed and the liters of water to irrigate and feed them.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has said that the livestock industry produces more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation industry.

  • The difference between a vegan and a plant-based diet

Is a plant-based diet the same thing as a vegan diet? Both meal plans have made headlines for their health benefits in recent years and while they are similar, there are some key differences: Vegan diets eliminate all animal products, while plant-based diets do not necessarily eliminate animal products, but focus on eating mostly plants, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Vegan is nearer to a consumption philosophy, including vegan skincare products, while plant-based is mostly focused on aliments.

  • Are there more reasons to be vegan? Let's talk about health.

Although I am not a vegan myself and I believe that most people who are vegan do it for the animals, there are also many health reasons to eat a vegan diet (also known as a plant-based diet).

There is growing interest in this type of diet and science is trying to find out what the benefits of a diet free of animal ingredients can be for us. Over the last two years, numerous studies have been published linking a diet that includes animal protein with serious diseases such as cancer. According to a some publications a diet rich in animal proteins in middle age could cause four times more probabilities of dying from cancer than a diet low in proteins, something that medical research should test.

One of the most recent documentaries that fully addresses the health issue with a diet rich in animal products vs. a vegan one, is the documentary "What The Health" by the co-producer of another of the documentaries that has most revolutionized veganism "Cowspiracy".

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Skincare Products


Cruelty-free and vegan skincare products

Vegan products are an excellent option not only for vegans but also for animal lovers in transition for a vegan diet. And also for all kinds of sustainable warriors!

  • Vegan Teeth Whitening

When being vegan, start from the mouth: not only in terms of words, also in terms of teeth. Regarding Vegan Teeth Whitening information is vegans' best ally. The relation between veganism and dental health is really crucial. Some studies show that vegans tend to have more dental problems since their diet has some nutrient deficiency, such as: calcium, vitamin D and amino acids. So, going to a nutrition specialist could be the best way to learn how to organize an equilibrated diet considering if we do sports, we are breastfeeding, or if we have a particular health condition. What are the toothpaste ingredients and why are some vegan products the best funnel of the market? It's a topic to keep an eye on. You can read Vegan Teeth Whitening: Which Are the Best Options for You?

Veganize our life could be hard work also thinking about vegan skincare under your arms. Between vegan products, vegan deodorant is well known that there are not so many marketable options out there, and not all of them work for us. At first we have to do a lot of research to find the vegan alternative to all of the products we use, they are not always at our scope or easy-sight. Sharing information, brands, and tips is crucial for the vegan community to find consistent vegan products. Once the shift is done around food, it comes the hygiene and cloth shift. Our body is a perfect engine. Once we learn to live according to it, respecting its harmony (which is respecting nature´s) we´ll be feeling much better with ourselves and other people.

  • Vegan Deodorant

Vegan Deodorant: 4 Brands to Keep you Smelling Good makes us think that all the NOs that the vegan deodorant has, are actually a YES! to our lifestyle. No aluminum, no cruelty, no baking soda, No artificial fragrances. All this NOs means a Yes to a more natural consumption. The more information we have related to how things we consume are made, the more empowered we´ll be to decide. It is worth it, it is because of our self care, nature's love and our future construction.

  • Vegan Shampoo

Going uper in our body, we will find head hair. One of the most polluting products in the market is a bottle of shampoo. Tons of plastic are thrown to waste just because of the container (and let's not get started about shampoo ingredients). However, a great option to avoid this is switching to solid shampoo bars, generally also, cruelty-free and vegan products. Vegan shampoos are one of the easiest and most helpful ways to take care of the environment. We reduce our carbon footprint with the benefit of having beautiful and healthy hair. If this is your first time using a solid shampoo bar or are looking to try a new shampoo, this is a great time to start! Vegan Solid Shampoo Bars: Discover all the options for your hair, choose the best vegan shampoo for you and not only your hair will thank you, but also the planet.

  • Vegan Products For Hair

But not everything is vegan shampoo for your hair. There's also vegan products for hair such as nutritive conditioners, caring kits and serums. Although I`m not a big fan off many products for the hair, these vegan options can be perfect after a summer of plenty of swimming pool and beach time. There`s many options of Best Vegan Products For Your Hair, just choose the most suitable for you and your hair needs.

  • Vegan Cosmetics

Vegan products can also be beauty products. The vegan cosmetics are cosmetics made without using any ingredient derived from animals, and also avoid testing in animals. You can find all kinds of Vegan products related to beauty: make up, brushes, eye shadows and more. Beauty in defense of animals is a possibility. Vegan Cosmetics review: Beauty in Defense of Animals

  • Vegan Collagen

Collagen is a natural protein we have in our body that is crucial to give us structure and strength. When becoming older this protein starts to diminish gradually and may be necessary to get collagen supplements. As versatile as it is, collagen can be used for a lot of medical purposes from healing wounds to preventing or reducing wrinkles. The problem is that most of these supplements are animal-sourced. However, there's also a vegan product solution for this. Vegan Collagen: Plant Based Benefits for your Health: as effective as the animal sourced one so I don't find any reason to not choose this from the traditional. It is a nicer youth potion. We don't need to soak another living life up to gain youth.

  • Vegan Body Lotion

Rubbing lotion on your warm, freshly showered skin may be one of the best feelings this life has to offer. Similar to getting that first whiff of hot coffee in the morning, it’s a pocket of luxury in your daily routine. It’s the little things, right?... With all the vegan body lotion moisturizers available today, you’ve almost got too many choices and it can get a little bit difficult to make a good choice. Vegan products and particularly vegan skincare products are just one of the products we use daily that we can change in order to be healthier, no matter how you start the shifting, there is no guide on being cruelty free, the way you are beginning is the best way for you and life will thank you! Here The 10 Best Vegan Body Lotions to Recover Your Skin for you to choose.

So, going vegan? Starting a cruelty-free skincare way of life? There's no excuses: we gave you all the vegan products you will need. Vegan skincare is the new black!

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