Best Eco-Friendly Pet Gifts and Accessories for Real Pets Lovers

In case you are truly a pets lover, the issue of replacing traditional plastic pet toys, gifts and gadgets for more sustainably made ones should definitely matter to you. So if you are ready to go a step further as a sustainable warrior, please don't miss this article on the: Best Eco-Friendly Pet Gifts and Accessories for Real Pets Lovers.

Most of the pet treats and toys we know are made of plastic. The amount of plastic and the negative impact it has on Planet Earth is definitely out of question. We've created, consumed and disposed tons and tons of plastic over the past decades and now we are facing the consequences.

Plastic is made from petroleum which is a non renewable natural resource. But that's not the only issue with petroleum. There's also this problem of extracting it which implies a huge consumption of water and technological resources while provoking a complete unbalance in the ecosystem.

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So, if you need more proof that eco-friendly is also super cute, please read next for our top choices for top notch eco-friendly pets gifts and gadgets.

Our Top Pick for Pets Lovers

Cosy And Dozy - Handmade Natural Hair Cat Brush


Cat owners perfectly know that brushing our cat's hair as often as possible is a huge contribution to our furry buddies wellbeing. This is a practical, ecological and vegan-friendly for daily care that truly meets all the requirements. Let's check:

  • 100% handmade

  • The brush is made of natural beech wood

  • The bristles are made of tampico fiber obtained from agave leaves.

Brushing your cat regularly is a really important task! A regular brushing takes care of both their neat appearance and general well-being of our pet. A regular brushing of your cat's fur will also prevent possible problems within the digestive tract of your cat.

Moreover, this brush works as an excellent massager. Are you a real pets lover? Then, you should probably get one of these for your cat! Buy on Etsy

A More Eco Life - Organic Wool Felt Cat Caves


I cannot think of a better way to spoil a cat than a cat cave, honestly. Cats in general, whether kittens or adults love the idea of hiding and playing to "catch the pray". It' natural and healthy for them, it reduces a lot of stress.

  • 100% handmade and organic

  • Available in 4 sizes: XS - S - M - L

  • Materials: organic New Zealand merino and wool

These wool alike cat caves are made from 100% New Zealand merino wool, soap and water. This means: no chemicals and no dyes. They can keep their shape longer than other caves because of the walls and their design.

It's super easy to clean, you can lightly vacuum it with a brush attachment. With a gentle scrub you'll be able remove any marks or stains. Ideal for pets lovers that wish to provide their cats with only the best! Buy on Etsy

Mini Tiger Design - Cat Nip Treats (Set of 5 sticks)


Your cat is gonna love these 100% Natural Silvervine Matatabi sticks to play with. These scented wooden sticks are a good alternative to catnip and equally enjoyable for our kitties! A purrfect gift for pets and pets lovers!

Le's check some highlights:

  • 100% handmade

  • Nice alternative to catnip

  • 100% Natural Silvervine Matatabi

Silvervine (Matatabi) is a natural plant that can boost your cat's health in so many manners, but mainly by relieving stress and anxiety. It works super great for their dental hygiene and it's an excellent stimulant, too!

Your cat will react to the sticks as they react to catnip and plants of the sort. Not every cat reacts the same way to plants, but probably you'll see your kitty rubbing, rolling, meowing, drooling, licking, etc. Sounds like a great gift, right? Buy on Etsy

Loved PawsToys - Hemp Biodegradable 3 Toy Pack


Those of you pets lovers out there, surely know how much fun a piece of rope can be for our dogs to play with! This excellent pack of 3 100% hemp made toys is a great choice for dogs!

Let's check some features:

  • Hemp is 100% sustainable.
  • Made for puppies & small/medium dogs.
  • no bleaching or harsh chemicals used on the hemp fibers.

This pack of 3 toys is just great! It is 100% organic, sustainable hemp. As it's the case with many natural fibers, these toys are naturally antimicrobial and more hygienic than plastic toys. They are also more resistant and hypoallergenic.

Are you a pets lover? Why not give your pet the best quality fun toys, then? Buy on Etsy

Hempdog Pet - Eco-Friendly Escape Proof Martingale Style Dog Collar


I really love the 100% eco-friendly and safe dog collars, and let me tell you they work very gently if you are trying to train your dog! Pets lovers love doing it! Forget about tha awful feeling of hurting your dog or the potential threat of the collar letting loose.

Let's take a closer look:

  • 100% sustainable materials: post-consumer recycled plastic with all metal hardware
  • They come in S/M/L sizes

The already popular martingale design works even smoother with these sustainable materials. This type of design is supposed to apply just the right amount of pressure on your dog's neck without hurting it!

When fitted properly, this collar may be the safest and most comfortable collar your dog could have! Buy on Etsy

Marvelous Melissa - Quarantine Cat Gift Box


I personally love this one because I think it's perfect for any pets lover that wants to properly spoil their felines.

This amazing Quarantine Cat Gift Box includes:

  • socks!
  • a catnip mouse (and another mouse)
  • a giant pipe cleaner
  • a fluorescent ping pong ball
  • a silvervine chew stick (great for their dental health)
  • a small packet of organic catnip
  • small packet of nutritional yeast
  • small packet of freeze dried cat treats

This incredible kit brings everything a pets lover would want for their kitty. Funny bonding moments and cute pics 100% guaranteed! Buy on Etsy

William Niven Art - Cat Scratching Post


It's natural for cats to have a basic instinct to climb and scratch, which is actually very beneficial to their health. Let's take a closer look to this cute mushroom tree:

  • The design is super cute!
  • It's long-lasting due to the natural woven sisal.
  • All the materials used are all non-toxic.

If you want to keep a cat responsibly, you have to make sure that your place has some spot for them to do scratch, climb and play. In case you don't want your cats go around damaging your furniture, this is an excellent play spot to break that instinct free! Buy on Etsy

Pawsome Pet Toys - 5 Wool Balls Pack

5 Wool balls for cats

This natural and organic pet products are ideal for those pets lovers that want to give their buddies only high quality.

The great thing about these wool balls is they can work great for either cats ir dogs. Let's see:

  • The set includes 5 natural cat toys in neutral colors to blend in any interior.
  • Available in 3 colors: white, light, and dark gray
  • 100% Natural Latvian sheep wool

You won't believe how quickly your pet is gonna love this. It will surely become their #1 toy. They are very resistant- yet no indestructible- and super eco-friendly! Any cat loves a ball of yarn and every dog loves a ball, so this might solve the problem in the most sustainable way possible. Buy on Etsy

Bagsymine Store - Interactive Cat Teaser Toy


Any cat, especially a young one, needs a mouse among their toys. This cute woolen mouse toys are a great sustainable alternative to regular synthetic mouse toys for cats. Let's see:

  • They are 100% handmade from all-natural wool from New Zealand
  • They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, too. No artificial dyes or chemicals used

Spending the adequate amount of time with your cat, just playing with them, is key to a healthy and non-aggressive bonding with your kitty.

Besides being a great toy for bonding with your cat, it's also a perfect gift for cats and pets lovers! Buy on Etsy

Paw Store - Dog Toy Flying Disc


A pets lover knows that dogs, particularly, need some moderate regular chewing during the day to stay dentally healthy. So this is honestly, a really nice eco-friendly alternative to regular plastic chewers.

Let's check some features:

  • Pet exercise and safe chewing guaranteed.
  • 100% handcrafted with eco-friendly zero-waste Zogoflex and recycled ocean-bound plastic
  • 100% dishwasher safe and machine washable toy

If your dog is way too playful or maybe there is a pup around who loves to gnaw and chew at home, well then this is the one they want. A safe toy for your puppy to chew will prevent your puppies from destroying your home furniture.

No pet owner ever wants that, but you should provide them with the necessary toys and gadgets, then. This brightly-colored dog chew toy that promotes exercise and is easy to fetch and fling is definitely a good place to start. Buy on Amazon

Creature - 2-Pack Eco-Friendly Dog Toy 100% New Zealand Wool


This awesome pack of 2 woolen balls is an ideal gadget to spoil our dogs and cats! Let's take a closer look to some of their most outstanding features:

  • NO harmful chemicals or dyes used in the process
  • They are made of 100% solid organic wool
  • They are compact and durable

These super soft and eco-friendly wool balls will help your pet exercise more, let alone keep clean teeth and jaws, which more often than not provokes bad smell. It is also non-allergenic and non-toxic and your pets gonna love the natural sheep smell! Buy on Amazon

Just to sum up a little bit, any of the options presented here will surely make a perfect present to spoil your pets!

For many of us, having to stay at home more tha usual during lockdown made us realize how important our pets are to us. Pets are pure love and company and it's a relationship of profound respect and trust the one that you should establish every day with them. Be grateful to have them in your life!

And as you feel grateful for their presence, you can click on any of the options above and get your pet some toy or treat that they surely deserve, right?

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