Compostable Coffee Pods: Doing Good for the Planet While Having Breakfast

Compostable Coffee Pods: Doing Good for the Planet While Having Breakfast is more than possible with the compostable coffee Pods . Incorporating more sustainable things and products into your daily life is achievable. A fantastic example of that are these coffee pods, they are the best compostable coffee pods in the market. Composting + great quality coffee ;) The variety of coffee pods and how easy is to compost them are the main reasons to buy them. Recycling is GREAT! But we know that composting has a better impact in our planet.

Variety Pack w Flavors - 60 count 100% Compostable Coffee Pods/ GloryBrew


The Glory Brew coffee pods are delicious and 100% compostable. Rain forest alliance certified, the beans are of the best quality found on earth without additives. Compatible with Keurig machines, easy to use. Within their flavors you can find: Hazelnut, medium roast, vanilla and more.

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Make your breakfast sustainable drinking these incredible coffee pods. Due to having the rain forest alliance certified, the beans grow in a sustainable way without additives or preservatives that would alter their quality. Besides, the coffee pods are made with recycled plastic and fully biodegradable materials. It is hard to find sustainable coffee pods, but luckily you arrive to this article! You are about to learn all their advantages and features that made them U N I Q U E. Continue reading about the design, price, cleaning and more about the best compostable coffee pods.

What I Like

  • Compostable material
  • Delicious flavors: pack of five!
  • BPI certified

What I Don't Like

  • If you have a favorite flavor you may not like the extensive variety of flavors available

GLORYBREW Variety Pack w Flavors - 100% Compostable Coffee Pods

Setting Up:

The best compostable coffee pots by GloryBrew come inside a beautiful package. You will discover 12 pots in each box. By clicking on the link above you can buy five boxes with 12 each: 60 pots! They adapt to Keurig machines, the incredible coffee makers! Keep in mind that you can use the pods in Keurig machines that accept K-pop pods. The only thing you need to do is placing the pod inside the machine and wait to see magic.

These coffee pods are easy to manage and will let you have the so desired sustainable breakfast at home. Learn all about coffee pods: Compostable Coffee Pods: The Coffee Time Evolution


Design is super important, the coffee pods have to be practical, sustainable and simple. Glory Brew coffee pods have everything you need. Pods are made using biodegradable and recycled materials, so you know you are buying to a brand that thinks and wants the best for the planet. As for the names of flavors, originality is what defines them. The names are "royal" names such as: the duke, the noble, sir hazelnut.

Another crucial feature in design are colors. In this case, the coffee pods of Glory Brew are white and brown. Brown represents strength and reliability, it resembles to the color of earth.


Glory Brew coffee pods are the best compostable coffee pods because they can composted. We, vegans and vegetarians, have a lifestyle whose purpose is caring of our body and our planet as much as we can. These coffee pods are definitely our friends. You can compost coffee pods in commercial composting facilities. It will provide nutrients to the soil and will increase the presence of good bacteria.

Don´t compost the coffee pods on your tumbler or compost bin since they do not count with that certification yet.

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Variety Pack w Flavors - 60 count 100% Compostable Coffee Pods- Glory Brew


When we say that they Glory Brew are the best compostable coffee pods, we have evidence to support it! The time they take to decompose in composting is about eight weeks. Do you know how long do regular coffee pods need to breakdown? Around 500 years! Yes, picture the amount of coffee pods that a family uses and multiply it by 1000. The damage to the planet is unimaginable. Regular pods are made of plastic and aluminum.

Whereas these compostable coffee pods are made of biodegradable materials. The comparison is eight weeks vs. five hundred years of damage. Which one do you choose?

Help the world:

With small actions things can positively change. If more people would buy the best compostable coffee pods, the world would be a better place to live in. Starting by having a sustainable breakfast is a significant thing. Glory Brew coffee pods has a phenomenal variety of flavors. The best thing is that you buy 5 different boxes and you can choose the flavor you want. Wondering if they are tasty? The answer is YES! Discover more about sustainable homes: How to Design a Sustainable Home? 50 Easy Sustainable Home Tips!

Difference in taste relies on the beans used. As we mentioned above, Glory Brew is Rainforest Alliance Certified.


What everyone wants to know! Let me be honest, the price-quality relationship is more than good when buying this product. For $46 you can obtain 60 compostable coffee pods. The offer of flavors available, the functional design and the quantity of coffee pods make them a great deal. If you are a big family or want to have a stock of coffee pods at home, then buy these ones!

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There are another compostable coffee pods in the market, but I can assure you that Glory Brew pods are the B E S T ones. Regular pods are out of the conversation, they are made with components that pollute the earth. Help mother nature and also transform your regular breakfast into a sustainable breakfast.

To know:

Glory Brew selects the best quality beans available as well as the best toasting roasts. Read the list of flavors and choose which you wou will try first:

  1. The duke: medium roast
  2. The knight: dark roast
  3. The noble: extra-dark roast
  4. Sir hazelnut: medium roast
  5. Lady vanilla: medium roast

Don´t miss the opportunity to try the best compostable coffee pods available online. You buy a package of quality, design, delicious taste, diversity and coffee! Revise our review and highlight the things that caught your attention to make the decision. GOOD LUCK!

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