Gardening Made Easy: How to start with your own Garden

Gardening Made Easy: how to start with your own garden? Nature always brings good vibes to your life. Psychologists explain that spending thirty minutes staring at a garden or grass per day reduces the levels of cortisol: the stress hormone. Going to the nearest park can be a solution, but what if you go further and create your own sustainable garden? In this review you will learn gardening made easy: follow all the advices below! How to start with your own garden might seem a big step at first but believe me when I say that everyone can have their incredible sustainable garden.

What is Sustainable Gardening?

Everything that has the word sustainable behind means reduction of impact in the world. Regular gardening is usually filled with pesticides and chemicals that end up having a negative impact on the soils for example. When they reach the soil, they can get mixed with groundwater and contaminate it. The impact can be huge! That is why sustainable gardening came to replace regular norms.


Some of the things that sustainable gardening involves are: growing organic food, composting waste, planting trees, using renewable resources and taking responsibilities for gardening practices. But how to start a sustainable garden? Find a complete guide by clicking on that link :)

10 Incredible Advices for your Next Sustainable Garden:

1- Choose the Perfect Garden Location:

The place you choose to create your garden determines the growth of your vegetables and condiments. Being able to watch your plants growth through your kitchen window is priceless. If you can, create your garden near it :) Sun and water are two essential natural resources for growth. The position of the sun has to be considered before planting: most vegetables need six hours of sun per day! Direct sun is needed in those cases. Apart from the sun, water is needed too.

2- Water has to be Close:

Water is food for your sustainable garden. Gardening made easy includes having a water source near to your garden. What can you test to see if water is close enough to the garden? If you can run a hose to the garden, then it is all good. Having to fill buckets of water and then throw them on plants is a difficult and stressing job. A tip for gardening: functionality is everything!

You can also try with rainwater: How to choose the best Rainwater Collector for you and its Benefits

3- Pick the Right Plants for You:

The selection depends on the food you eat or want to eat in the near future. But it strongly depends on the weather conditions of where you live. Is it hot all the year? Does it rain often? Does your garden have direct sun?. After answering those questions, you will be able to make a reasonable choice. The good news is that the world of vegetable garden seeds available is enormous: find organic garden seeds or mini mushroom grow kit and more!

4- Choosing the Perfect Pot:

Once you decided what plants will your sustainable have it is time to choose the right eco-friendly pots for them. There are different materials and sizes available in the market. My recommendation is to first decide their location: in the middle of the garden, next to the pool, on the sides of the sustainable garden. Luckily there are glass and metal alternatives available!

5- Learning When to Plant:

Getting to know the ideal dates to plant your seeds on your sustainable garden will save you money and resources. Gardeners recommend planting in late March to late May. But everything depends on the zone you live at. The southern zones should start planting in the earlier months. A tip: be patient! Seeds need to germinate and grow at their time.

6- Follow this Tip if you are a Vegetarian:

As I said before there is nothing better than wanting to cook fresh food and picking the vegetables from your sustainable garden. Find the perfect fall vegetables to grow in your sustainable garden. Gardening made easy with these seeds! You can plant kale, radish, lettuce or green bean. The important thing is soil draining, the better the draining, the faster your vegetables will grow.

7- Enhance your Garden with Flowers:

Vegetables and condiments are not the only thing you can plant in your garden. Flowers can be a great addition to it! They come in all colors and shapes. My favorite ones are lilies: prominent and beautiful flowers. How do they grow? The answer is easy: flower seeds! Consider the temperature of your zone and the space available in your garden. Some flowers are large and others are tiny.

8- Start Composting:

Composting in your garden can bring you fantastic benefits. Your soil´s quality will be better than ever: compost leachate has minerals that nourish the roots of your plants. Also, compost restores the texture of your soil. What is better than having a natural fertilizer? Feed your plants with a high-quality fertilizer. You will reduce food waste and feed your plants at the same time!

9- Gardening is Relaxing:

If you believe that after planting the seeds your job is done you are wrong. Maintaining your garden requires time and consistency. Gardening is a relaxing activity than can be done with your kids or your couple. Seeing how plants grow in full nature is a unique feeling. Get used to water your garden once a week, first check how much water each plant requires.

10- Maintain your Garden:

Maintain your garden: watering your sustainable garden is top priority. All they need to grow is water, sun and love. Always check how soil drains before it becomes flooded. Another thing to pay attention to is insects. Destructive insects will become your enemies. Once you detect it, just pick them and get them out of the area.

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Are you Excited About Starting to Create your Sustainable Garden?

There are many things to learn about it: soil conditions, weather, different types of plants and more. I strongly recommend the book "Urban gardening for dummies". It is super complete and clear. See the review before and buy it on Amazon.

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  • You will learn how to create vertical gardens in limited spaces
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It has very useful tips for beginners. Having fresh and healthy vegetables is a long process. In this book you will learn all about plants: how they grow and what are they. Gardening has never been so easy!

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I hope that this review encourages you to create your own sustainable garden. Leave in comments your favorite tip!

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