Solar Panels: How to Incorporate them into your House

There are so many different options today to create a sustainable house. One simple idea to turn your house into a greener space is to switch to renewable energies. These days you can find affordable Solar Panels online to power your house. You might be wondering "How do I start?" Well, in this article I am going to show you about Solar Panels: How to incorporate them into your House. Let's go.

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Renewable energies are obtained from natural sources such as wind, water, and the sun. And as strange as it might seem they are becoming a cheaper source of power than regular and old-fashioned electricity. As everything on this planet is basically energy, it is just a matter of time until we start using it in our favor, as well as the planet's.

The sun is emitting light and heat, AKA energy 24/7. It is an unflagging source of energy, which will eventually die because it is a star, but humans won't be even alive to see it coming. Therefore, we should maximize this source of power to turn on our lives and save the planet. Switching to a more sustainable source of energy will allow you to decrease the emissions of C02 and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Then, you might be wondering how is the sun's energy maximize to power our everyday lives, well the answer is through solar panels. As one of my colleagues mentioned in her article What Solar Energy Is and Its Importance For a Greener Future, "The amount of sunlight the Earth gets in an hour and a half can be enough to satisfy the demands of the whole world energy needs for a year".

The following question then would be, are we able to store that power? If so, How do we do it? There are many different ways to do this, but home-wise the only one we should be looking at is again solar panels.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are an excellent way to tackle the sun's energy. But, what happens when the sun is not up and shining? Then, the best we can do is collect the power and store it for later. Solar batteries are doubtless our best option during cloudy days. When we store all of the energy received from the sun during the day, all of the excess power is used during peak hours. This energy reservoir charges during high-intensity sunlight peaks and is then ready to be used during the night, resulting in a perfect and convenient system for balancing energy loads.

Moreover, solar panels can be installed almost anywhere, regardless of the weather conditions.
Panels continue to function in the absence of sunlight because radiation passes through clouds as well. However, keep in mind that there are a few things to think about before embarking on the solar journey.

To begin with, look for companies in your area that can assist you in determining your options.
It is critical to consider the type of roof and the materials of your house, as well as the surroundings in your area: if there are many trees around, it will prevent the sun from reaching the panels.

Then, if your rooftop is not suitable for solar panels, there might be a possibility that you can choose community solar farms, which allow multiple people to use the same solar array off-site to obtain solar energy. It is up to you to decide on a budget and have access to clean energy with solar panels regardless of the type of roof you have.

When it comes to solar panels, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.
There are various types of solar panels available to meet the needs of each family or household. You can find them all in our article Solar Panels: Which is the Best Solar Panel Type and where to buy it?

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Many other different items can work by adding a small solar panel to them. For example, there are solar panel heated pools or security cameras. So, how would a solar panel-powered house cost?

Solar power is a capital-intensive technology, and the majority of the expense of owning a system is incurred when the equipment is purchased. The solar module will almost definitely be the most expensive single component of the entire cost. An inverter (to convert the direct current produced by the panel into the alternating current used by household appliances), metering equipment, and various housing components, as well as cables and wiring gear, are also required for installation.

Some homeowners think about battery storage as well. Batteries have historically been prohibitively expensive and unneeded if the utility pays for excess electricity delivered into the grid.
The cost of installation labor must also be considered. Aside from installation fees, there are also additional expenses connected with operating and maintaining a solar panel house. Besides cleaning the panels regularly, inverters and batteries usually need to be replaced after a few years of operation.

But, leaving costs aside, there are lots of benefits gained from having a Sustainable Solar Panel Powered house. Keep on reading to learn the benefits of solar-powered houses.

Reduced Energy Bills

A decreased energy bill is a substantial benefit of solar panels installation, but the size of this benefit is dependent on the amount of solar energy that can be produced given the available circumstances and the way utility price for electricity.

The first factor to consider is the amount of solar irradiation accessible in the home's geographical location. When it comes to solar panels, being closer to the equator is generally better, but other aspects must be taken into account. Also, you will have to check on how many sunny days there are in your region against cloudy days

Fewer greenhouse emissions

Well, even though this might be obvious, it is not. By powering your house with solar panels, you will be reducing your carbon footprint a lot. This is really important if, for example, you are planning on having a family. Then you will teach your kids how to take care of the planet and the people living in it. Teaching about sustainability is crucial these days, therefore there might not be a planet B.

Upgrade your home value

The third advantage is the possible increase in property value as a result of the inclusion of a solar array. In general, it is reasonable to expect solar panels to increase the value of the majority of homes. For starters, having decreased electricity costs as a result of a solar panel installation is an undeniable financial gain. Second, the trend toward "green" living means that there is an increasing desire for homes with a lower carbon footprint and are powered by renewable sources.

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Finally, purchasing a home that already has solar installed implies that the investment is financed through the mortgage. This simplicity of financing may make solar more inexpensive for a homebuyer than buying a house without solar and then installing a solar panel system.

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You can even heat your pool, so you can use it during winter times, with solar-powered energy. Well, you can learn more about them in our article Solar Pool Heater Panels: What You Need to Warm Up your Water.

If you have not decided to install a full solar panel system to power your whole house, you can still buy different items, that exposed to the sunlight, will work as if they were plugged into the wall. Let's say, for example, that you live in a not-so-secure neighborhood. Well, you might want to install some security cameras to monitor the house while you are not there. There are now solar panel-powered cameras that will ease your mind from this problem.

You can find all the different options for solar-powered security cameras in our article Ring Camera Solar Panel: All You Need To Know About It. Pick the one that is perfect for your house and forget about plugging cameras into the wall.

Following up with these kinds of items, solar-powered lamps have become the new classic as well. Imagine having your backyard powered by cute little lamps that will automatically turn on once the sun goes down? This could be the perfect addition to match your security camera system, as these lights will help you see in the night. You can place them also, around your solar heated pool, making your backyard a super sustainable one.

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Our planet and climate are changing, and we must modify our buildings to meet the demands of this new environment. However, we have always been capable of building an eco-friendly house, and the present day requires a return to sustainable alternatives to suit our housing needs.
This is something we can accomplish by combining ancient ways with modern know-how.

So, what creates a sustainable home? And how exactly do we create one? It is not as complicated or tough as it appears, and if you are in the position to build a new house today, making it sustainable should be a priority. There are a few crucial things to consider while designing an eco-friendly house once you've decided.

From sustainable materials, composting to solar panel-powered items there are many different ways you can create a more sustainable home. Have you decided which will be your way?

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