Vegetable Garden Seeds: Grow Your Sustainable Garden!

Nothing is more relaxing than sowing, and nothing is healthier than organic food. Do you imagine yourself harvesting your own vegetables? Caring for the plants, watering them, giving your crop what it needs to thrive till is ready to reap... (Sights). We are that kind of dreamer too, and we like to make it true. So, here we brought some items you may need to have your own sustainable garden.

Besides, nature is really independent of us and knows what to do, it´s great when we can help her to grow healthier. Investing in plants is great, but investing in a vegetable plot is the smartest decision ever. Enjoy sowing your vegetable garden seeds, and grow your sustainable garden!

Our Top Pick- Items For a Sustainable Garden

The Best Succulent Dose - Succulent Potting Mix- Miracle Gro


This is for succulents like spinach to Popey.

If you want your succulent to thrive, this is the best healthier shot you can give to them.

The perfect soil potion for succulent fans.

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The Best Organic Vegetable Garden Seeds- Organic Garden Salad- Beyond Roots


The best vegetable garden seeds kit for setting up your own sustainable garden!

This one has the perfect variety to start up and enjoy a calm gardening day.

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The Best Organic & Exotic Crop - Organic Mini Mushroom Grow Kit - Back To The Roots


Nothing is more romantic than a mushroom bouquet.

Gift yourself this exotic, and organic mushroom grow kit!

It´s really easy to set it up. You will be amazed when seeing how they grow out of the box!

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The Smartest Vegetable Plot - Smart Indoor Garden- Veritable Store


Wanna have an indoor vegetable plot?

When technology works for nature´s benefit, good things happen, and this is one.

This smart vegetable plot has an efficient lightning system for you to grow your vegetable garden seeds without so much natural light.

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So, let's take a deeper look into each product:

The Best Succulent Dose - Succulent Potting Mix- Miracle Gro

Sustainable Warriors Score

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What I Like

  • Specific for succulent care
  • Affordable

What I Don't Like

  • Packaging

What´s so special about succulents?


Other plants: What do they have that we don´t?

Succulents came to be the most picked by people worldwide to "race at home." They seem to be aesthetic, neat, and, most important thing: very independent plants. If you are the ones who think that they lack gift with plants, and everything you touch withers... well, succulents will make you feel special. They are tough plants, hard to die. So, it can be the perfect way to live without risks. They don´t need so much commitment but giving them some special attention is ever worthwhile.


From Latin Succus, which means juicy, we consider succulent to be all those plants that have a water-storing capacity and have really fleshy leaves or stems. This particularity makes them a very strong and resilient kind, which can survive without water for a long time, like cacti.

They learn to store water to survive, so they can self-supply whenever needed. Even though there is some special care, we can give them to honor their patience. This succulent Potting Mix can boost your succulent growing capacity and make them thrive.

This mix is especially for a succulent mix made, allowing fast drainage. It is really easy to use and gives a healthy dose to your plants.

The only thing I don´t like about is it's made of plastic packaging. It can be recycled or DIY a pot with it, depending on the consumer. I think that it can be improved.

Now we can answer the other plant's question :

  • They are easy to maintain
  • They are affordable
  • They can stand long times of drought
  • They are very easy to replicate
  • And they look very Tumblr.

But other plants have nothing to envy. Each plant has its own features and virtues. Every vegetable garden seed needs special caring, even more at first times when they are just baby plants. Make sure to know how to join them in their growth so you can have a sustainable garden at home in just a few weeks.

The Best Organic Vegetable Garden Seeds- Organic Garden Salad- Beyond Roots

Sustainable Warriors Score


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What I Like

  • Great Variety: Outdoor & Indoor Seeds
  • ORGANIC! Not GMO & Pollinators Friendly
  • Packaging

What I Don't Like

  • I don´t like I don´t have a huge garden to build a bee sanctuary

Life is a salad

When considering a sustainable garden, you must pick the ones you will start with. Sometimes that decision depends on the season or the best companion planting. What is that? Companion planting is when you put some plants together because they benefit each other preventing pests by keeping a safe and healthy zone. It´s a kind of affinity.


Gardening and sowing are both activities that teach us a lot about life. Nature has all the answers. Each vegetable garden seed has its own rhythm and needs particular caring. There are a lot of strategies, like the planting company I mentioned, that release us from using pesticides or toxic products to keep our plants "safe."

That is what I like about this kit the most. It is organic, not Genetically Modified (GMO), and it is pollinator friendly, for that is attractive to those tiny vitals for the planet: bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, etc.

So, I can´t find a better way to approach nature and its movement. These vegetable garden seeds are a nice first step into the organic world.

BONUS TIP: Did you know that by having your sustainable garden, you are already helping pollinators?

Also, you can help if you:

  • Avoid pesticide use
  • Plant a variety of flowers (that is the pollinator's sanctuary)
  • Plant natives, preferably.
  • Share this information with your people!

Flowers not only give pollinators food but also shelter them. Remember to keep your sanctuary hydrated, and pollinators will spread the word that your garden is the best air-bee&bee hostel.

For more sustainable tips, check this: How To Design A Sustainable Home? 50 Easy Sustainable Home Tips

Organic Mini Mushroom Grow Kit - Back To The Roots

Sustainable Warriors Score


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What I Like

  • Easy
  • Fast & organic growth
  • Amazing to watch

What I Don't Like

  • You have to plan when to eat it

A Mushroom bouquet

Really really easy to cultivate; these mushrooms only take almost two weeks to grow. For organic food fosters, this option is very affordable. Mushrooms are the main ingredient in a lot of delicious recipes, and they are well-known for all the benefits they bring to our health.

Do you imagine watching them grow in your house like a time-lapse video? It is amazing. One of the advantages of growing your own sustainable vegetable plot is that you learn about all-natural processes. It raises a new relationship with food. And a new relationship with food means a new relationship with yourself. If you´ve already sowed vegetable garden seeds, you know what I´m talking about, but if you don´t, it´s ok... this is your time.


The setting up process is really easy, and it has simple instructions; the only thing is time; if you are taking this seriously and you are thinking about starting to sow your own food, let me tell you this needs planning. Yes, just a little bit. Every vegetable garden seed has its own rhythm, and this one, besides it belongs to the fungi dimension, so it is not a vegetable; it needs time to get ready.

It takes almost ten days to two weeks to harvest the mushroom bouquet, so you can count on it for the stroganoff. My only advice is: to be patient. Sowing is about cycles, not time. In the natural world, things only grow, live, thrive, and then come back to the earth to keep sparkling in other ways of life. Be open-minded, and this will give you a lot, not only food.

Mushrooms are famous for their capabilities to boost our immune system. So once in a while, put on a mushroom armor.

Smart Indoor Garden - Veritable Store

Sustainable Warriors Score

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What I Like

  • Smart Design: Autonomous & Energy Low Consumption
  • Provides Organic Food by Passive Hydroponic System
  • Almost Cero Waste
  • Harvest all year round

What I Don't Like

  • Size
  • Works with power supply

This is what EVA looks for:

Have you seen Wall-e? That movie where a tiny and tender robot recycles things in a devastated world. Well, till here, it doesn't sound very funny but is a really good movie, a call to be more conscious about the waste problems. In that movie, EVA appears as another tiny and tender robot looking for hints of life. When she finds a little plant, she grabs it and saves it like a treasure to give to the people who send her to Earth.

This smart vegetable Plot made me remember that movie. The little EVA V-Plot is a life creator in places where there is not so much light. If you want an indoor vegetable garden, you can try on this.

We already know what EVA was looking for, and let me guess, you are looking for seeds and products to harvest. If I´m right, you got with the source, and even better, you got this sustainable invention for us, nature lovers. I wonder what comes next!


This is an autonomous system which will make your vegetable garden seeds to grow independently. It has an LED lightning system, with each one blue and white light. These lights provide the energy that plants need to make photosynthesis. The Veritable use a passive hydroponic system, which the enough water quantity, so there is no waste. That makes it also organic, toxic free and ecological.

It seems to be the perfect approach to a really sustainable life. After two years of research and development, this French brand launched this indoor garden vegetable plot with agriculture cutting edge technology.

EVA would go crazy with it

This system allows you to cultivate vegetable garden seeds all year round because it has all the right conditions integrated: water reservoir in a biodegradable lingot and two little fake suns in the shape of led lights and that´s it.

The only thing I don´t like of it is its size, is really small. It doesn't´t work for supplying a family yet but it is an approach to a new lifestyle. I would like to make it work with solar power supply, also. But that´s on me, if I have a solar generator or a solar energy system in my house.

Which vegetable garden seeds can you sow in it?

This item deserves almost its own post. But I will try to summarize it. Let me tell you this product use the Lingot Technology. What does it means? It means that there is a little brick with natural composition which has seeds and nutrients integrated.

There are a lot of ways to start your sustainable garden. Start composting at home is one of the best ways to obtain the soil which you will use for gardening. Saving the fruit and vegetable garden seeds is another way of contributing to a better and more sustainable way of life.

I hope you like it and I can´t wait to know about your sustainable gardening journeys!

Pst Pst: I´ll leave this here before I go:

10 Tips and Tricks on how to start a Sustainable Garden

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