All You Need to Have the Best Sustainable Kitchen Products

A sustainable kitchen means a kitchen free of plastics and one-use tools. Do you still use plastic sponges and films? Say no to products that will last just a single use. You will surely love how the empty jam jars are a true piece of treasure for your kitchen now. Here, you will find all you need to have the best sustainable kitchen products! I promise it will be a paradise for foodies' gifts.

Our Top Pick Sustainable Kitchen Products


Reusable Canvas Tote Bags with Separate Packaging, Multi-purpose

These large black canvas tote bags are spacious and each of the two bags has a separate outer packaging to reduce the creases caused by transportation problems and it is one of the best sustainable kitchen products. I love the fact that they have a flat folding for easy storage. Are also multi-purpose. Can be used as grocery shopping bags, beach bags, craft creation, gift bags, or any other use you can think of! You can find them plain beige or black, and that's a plus! You can add pumpkins, candy, skeletons, ghosts, bats, etc. as gifts for the Halloween party; snowflakes, bells, Santa Claus and other elements as Christmas party gifts, full of creativity, practical and beautiful. So, a great idea for your DIY craft projects. What's more, it is not a plastic option, because it has no disposable supplies. Are washable and durable. Buy on Amazon


Zip Standing Reusable food container, silicone bag

This complete zip standing set is everything you need for lunch, snacks, travel, and everyday. The convenient zip means one of the best sustainable kitchen products because mean no lids to lose or keep track of. They have a great capacity that can hold fruits, veggies, snacks, and even liquids. You know what, this is ideal also for kid school snacks or lunch. Suitable to use also in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer. It is also great for ovens, stove top and sous vide. Is food safe made of 100% silicone, It has no BPA, PVC or other bad impurities. It is an eco-friendly choice because these zip silicone containers can eliminate over 5,000 plastic bags that clog waterways, pack landfills, and harm wildlife. You will love how this set stands up on the counter and is so easy to fill. Why not a great foodies gift day idea? Buy on Amazon


NOVART XXL Premium Glass Herb Keeper and Herb Storage Container

This herb storage saver hydrates and protects greens and keeps vegetables fresh. Perfect for asparagus, parsley, cilantro, dill, rosemary, mint, tarragon, kale, and hundreds of other herbs.

You will be able to maximize the life of your herbs by keeping them fresh and crisp for up to 3 weeks long. It is an elegant design, minimal and progressive. Tall, spacious glass interior with breathable airflow to maximize growth.

You will have to measure your refrigerator before purchasing because it is a large sustainable kitchen product!

Surely, one of the best sustainable kitchen products and a great option for foodies gifts! Buy on Amazon.


Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap - Beeswax Wraps - 4 pack with Produce Bag and 2 Beeswax Bars

These beautiful beeswax wraps that stick to keep your food fresh are designed with the right amount of beeswax to make them sticky enough to use on glass bowls. Reduces plastic wastes and are made from 100% organic beeswax cotton and jojoba oil; making them biodegradable, compostable and much better for the environment: no more plastic films. What's more, they are reusable. Comes with 2 beeswax bars to replenish wraps that are falling apart over time. One of the best sustainable kitchen products that are my favorite, also because of the fancy printed textiles. Are easy to use, clean and store. Buy on Amazon.


Click and Grow Smart Garden - Indoor Gardening Kit

You will be able to brighten up your home with a touch of fresh greenery and beautiful Scandinavian design with this indoor gardening kit. A perfect option for foodies gifts! Ideal for small departments with no garden or for cold places where it is not possible to grow this type of plants outdoors. The kit comes with 3 mini tomatoes, 3 basil and 3 green lettuce pods that will grow fresh and healthy! These plant pods contain no GMOs, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Include a wide selection of more than 40 plants to fit your needs and it is also a great opportunity to experiment with your own seeds! Click and Grow company assures you that it will replace any plant pods that don’t germinate for free. Buy on Amazon.

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sodastream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker

It's time to stop buying plastic bottled water. With this sodastream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker you can make fresh sparkling water at the push of a button.

It includes sparkling water maker, 60L Co2 cylinder, and 1 liter BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle. Not only is it one of the best sustainable kitchen products because it avoids you having to use a big amount of plastic, but also because it is energy efficient, powered by Co2 cylinder.

Each cylinder carbonates up to 60 liters of water. It is compatible with all SodaStream flavors and SodaStream carbonation bottles (BPA free and better for the planet) except the SodaStream glass carafe.

Enjoy making your own sparkling water at home and consider it also as a foodies gift alternative! Buy on Amazon.


Biodegradable Trash Bags

The biodegradable garbage bags are made from raw material, plant starch and other natural renewable resources, a new type PSM after modified and plasticized, they can be naturally decomposed in the natural environment without causing damage to the environment. This trash bag has an improved size of 63*80cm (24.8*31.5 inch), which means it's more widely used, so you don't need to worry that it doesn't fit your trash can. It is a versatile garbage bag to support an active kitchen or tackle any household or office chore. It is also extra strong to hold heavier garbage and thanks to it being made from natural plants, it has no unpleasant smell and it is harmless to the human body. Great for kitchen trash bags as one of the best sustainable kitchen products. Buy on Amazon.


Food Huggers Flexible, Glass & Silicone Bowl Lids

These eco-friendly lids are produced with zero plastic and made to last! Allowing you to reduce plastic consumption and waste production. These covers are thick and sturdy. They are easy to hand wash and dishwasher safe. Food Huggers eco friendly lids will not rip or wear out like other flimsy food sealer lids. This means they will not end up in landfills like less durable products. Also reduce food waste because provide an airtight seal on nearly any size bowl in your kitchen ensuring your food stays fresh longer. Food Huggers is a women-owned small business born on Kickstarter so, purchasing them you will also support women entrepreneurs! Buy on Amazon.


Go Green Kit - Reusable Produce Bags, PEVA Storage Bags, Beeswax Wrap and Produce Scrubber COMBO

This Go Green Kit is one of the best kitchen sustainable products due to its practical value. The set includes 8 reusable storage bags, 4 mesh produce bags in different colors, 2 produce scrubbers and 15 beeswax wraps that give you enough space to store your food, lunch and snacks. Are safe and eco-friendly because you can reuse the storage bags and are made of food-grade PEVA material, biodegradable, PVC-free, lead-free, chloride-free and BPA FREE. Beeswax food wrap is made from organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. Non-toxic, all natural and odor free. Also, durable and easy to use. Buy on Amazon.


Cloth Reusable Coffee Filter Cone For Coffee Machine and Pour Over Cofffe

These reusable cotton coffee filters are one of the simplest and best sustainable kitchen products because of the recurrent use and disposal of a common coffee filter. Are designed No. 4 and No. 2. And, if this wasn't enough, are handcrafted, hand sewn and suitable for your filter coffee machine along with pour over Coffee. Can be used repeatedly and are also very easy to clean: after each use, simply rinse it with fresh water and hang it for 10 minutes until it is dried. In terms of materials this products are totally natural and they won't include any kind of harmful materials. Buy on Amazon.


Wooden Utensils for Eating Reusable Wooden Bamboo Cutlery Set with Case

These 9-piece travel utensils with case includes 1 wooden dinner fork, 1 wooden tablespoon, 1 wooden knife, 1 pair wooden chopsticks, 1 cleaning brush, 1 bamboo straw, 1 butter knife and 1 carrying pouch. Great for get-together, office lunches, formal or informal meals. Are not only one of the best sustainable kitchen products, they are also stylish and beautiful. Are fabric with high quality wood that is corrosion resistant, durable, smooth edge with no rough spots, light weight, easy to use and portable to carry. Are portable and come with a durable canvas pouch, easy to store in your lunch bag. Say no to throwaway or plastic flatware, it is an environmental protection way to use reusable wooden utensils and a perfect foodies gift idea. Buy on Amazon.


Reusable Paper Towels Washable - Bamboo Nature Friendly Paper Towels Organic Cotton

These bamboo and organic cotton towels are a great alternative to paper towels helping you reduce waste. An eco friendly, zero waste alternative to a regular paper towel that can last for years! You can simply wash them out and use them again and again! Are multi-purpose and practical: machine washable, quick drying, and will replace many household cleaning & kitchen disposables. The organic cotton is thick and strong, has no odor and is a legitimate sustainable bamboo towel alternative. Produced with carbon neutral manufacturing, 100% GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). Come in a pack of 10 and 20 paper towels. Buy on Amazon.


Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Basil Kitchen Basics Set

The Mrs. Meyers basics set is made by ingredients that are at least 97% naturally derived. The set contains liquid dish soap (16 fl.oz.), liquid hand soap (12.5 fl.oz) and multi surface spray (16 fl.oz.). It has a fresh basil scent that will leave your house smelling really nice. You can use it on all non-porous surfaces, including sealed stone. Earth-friendly, cruelty-free, not tested on animals. It is a great alternative for the ones who suffer from chemical allergies and also ideal for pet and baby friendly homes. Will bring you care for your hand skin as well. Buy on Amazon.


Natural Bamboo Dish Cleaning Brush Set of 8 - Eco Friendly Bottle Brush Dish Scrub - Sustainable Cleaning Tools - Dish Brushes

This sustainable natural bamboo brush set, cloths and loofah are perfect for kitchen cleaning pots, pans dishes, bowls, glassware, bottles, vegetables & fruit, cast iron skillets, wok, baking trays, storage containers, vases, non-stick items, chopping boards, cups. Even the bathroom, tiles and laundry. Easy to use, easy to clean and surely multi-purpose. The brushes are made from coconut and sisal fibers, bamboo and loofah plants. They are biodegradable, organic and earth-friendly, reducing our ecological footprint. Does not contain harmful microplastic polyster or nylon. And something I really value: they do not package in plastic either! A full eco-friendly option. Are highly durable and long lasting. It is recommended to place in the sun for further drying. Buy on Amazon.

If you were looking for a change in your kitchen habits for a more sustainable way of life you can now start. The options we have considered include from food storage to cleaning products and a key issue is taken into account: less plastic, more reusable products and beauty. In the end, the products we love are the products we will take care of and that will last forever usable. Isn't that what sustainability is about?

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