Aura Colors and Meanings: How to Know What Color Is Your Aura

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Sometimes we are so busy with our one day-to-day life that we forget we are not only material beings. We are also energy. Every time you feel a bad vibe you are actually reading an aura. And that vibes depend on the color it has. Your aura color is kind of like a thermometer of vibes. So let's check out the Aura Colors and their Meanings: How to Know What Color Is Your Aura?

How to Know the Color of your Aura: Take the Aura Color Test

This Quiz Reveals Your Soul Shade and its meaning

You might be asking yourself what is an aura color test? Well, it is pretty simple, by answering a few simple questions you can determine your aura color. The best results are given when you don't overthink your answers. When taking a "What is my aura color quiz" it is important that you are focused and relaxed but at the same time you should be in peace so the results are accurate. Make sure to answer every single question with the most honesty you can for a better result.

Before taking the What Is my Aura Color Test, make sure to take a moment to breathe and relax. Go to a cozy room where you can be alone and keep quiet for a minute or two. This way you will be your true self when you take the quiz.

Before discovering a little more of yourself, here is a complete meaning of what is an aura for you to read before taking the aura color test:

What is an Aura?

Some say aura is electricity that we radiate, like an electromagnetic field. This makes sense since it is proven that objects like the earth have different magnetic fields, even chakras. Yup, even the earth has chakras, check out this article with all you need to know about The 7 Chakras of the Earth: what and where are they. So, if even the earth works with energy why not think that all living beings work the same?

The concept of the aura has been around almost forever, ancient medicine used to use aura colors to diagnose the state of the being. Ancient medics used to correlate aura colors to elements of your physical and mental health.

Auras are basically energy of different colors. And exactly that is how we get to difference them. The word aura comes from the greek αύρα meaning breeze. So it's like the air around us takes a certain color depending on our inner self. It reflects our mood and the state of our souls.

To say it roughly an aura is the energy that surrounds us (and all living beings) in a form of a ray of color. Since auras are not material, they are part of another realm but work directly from our material bodies, but there is a catch: you can train your eye to see aura colors. Having that in mind, let's talk about that and about your aura colors meaning.

Here you have the most accurate Aura Color Test:

What Is My Aura Color Test

Since Auras are basically energy of different colors, they can change through time. Answer these ten simple questions and discover what color is your aura and what does it mean.

The Anatomy of an Auric Body

So even though is all energy that surrounds us, it is not only one type of energy. Auras have different types of energy so let's check out their anatomy.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

To understand a little bit more about the aura colors meaning let's see the composition of an aura.

  • Your body's left side: here you can find the flow of energy that is coming towards our body. The energy coming in. Is the most feminine side of our body. This energy that you see on this site is not necessarily energy external to our own aura. It is energy that in the preparation stage. This side represents your creative self, your imagination.
  • The top side: the area above your forehead represents your consciousness. Your feelings, thoughts, and present energy are here. Here you can find things you hold in high esteem, this would be in an arch separated from your body. Everything regarding your feelings, and your thoughts are lying here. And also your goals and future aspirations.
  • On the right side of your body, if we take a look at this side, you can find the energy going out of your body. Is kind of like energy from the past, you've already used this energy so is leaving your aura. The energy that now is being released. This energy can be used to portrait your persona. It is how others see you, how they feel you. The aura colors you find on this site are linked to the changes you are experiencing.
  • In the center of your auric body, you'll find the energy from your heart. Here, most of the time, colors only appear when there is a strong feeling.
  • A little bit above, there is your throat. This is known to be your communication chakra. It only shows color when we are communicating our feelings vocally.

Ok, now that we understand what is an aura let's talk about the aura colors meaning.

As we said, every part of the aura is correlated to some kind of energy, either new, past, or aspiring energy. And those are defined by their color.

Your Aura Colors and their Meaning:

Basically, the colors that are reflected on the aura are twelve. And most of them are related to chakras (which are focal points that form a straight line on your body, and that is how we can find a link between our body's health and our aura color.

color smoke rainbow
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Here are the twelve primary aura colors and their meaning:

The first seven of them, are associated with the Chakras:

  • Purple aura color meaning:

This color is linked to the Crown chakra, located on the top of your head, it represents the center of spirit, a connection to higher guidance and universal consciousness. If you have a purple aura it means you are intuitive and have a passion for leading others.

  • Indigo aura color meaning:

This aura color is associated with the Third Eye Chakra which is located in the middle of the forehead. Responsible for consciousness and wisdom, this chakra functions as a way of recognizing other's energies. It's called the third eye because of that. When you have an indigo aura color, it means you are aligned with your higher self. A person with this aura color is a very sensitive person towards others. They can perceive energy on another level and can see the truth behind every appearance.

  • Blue aura color meaning:

Color Blue is one hundred percent related to the communication chakra. The one that is on your throat. This aura color shows someone that is in a calm state and shows an advocate willing to speak up to defend the things and the person who they care about. People with a blue aura color are most of the time the pillars of the community and the center of support of family and friends.

  • Green aura color meaning:

Linked to the heart chakra, located in your chest, is responsible for empathy, love, and kindness. A green aura color means that you have a heart full of love. Either because you are a loving and kind person or because you are in love with someone that is balancing your emotions. A person with a green aura is a person who loves and is kind towards everyone.

  • Yellow aura color meaning:

Related to the Solar Plexus chakra, located in the upper belly, near your diaphragm, it is responsible for controlling the ego, and identity. If someone has a yellow aura that means they are happy with themselves. It reflects inner happiness, healthy self-esteem, and hunger for more in life.

  • Orange aura color meaning:

Linked to the sacral chakra, located in the lower part of your belly is also known as the creation chakra. The color orange in an aura means that person is satisfied with their friends, family, and their overall environment. This color basically describes the relationship aspect of someone's life.

  • Red aura color meaning:

Associated with the Base Chakra and the feelings of passion and sexual desire. When you see this color on someone's aura, it means that they are well connected with their objectives in life. They have their goals set and are driven to complete them. It is a color that signifies balance, mentally and emotionally.

These are the Primary Aura Colors

They are connected to a specific chakra. But this doesn't mean there are no more colors. There are various more aura colors and each one has their one shade, that can mean a lot. But let's see what colors we have left:

  • Pink aura color meaning:

Is related to the Green aura. This is because they vibrate at the same frequency. A person with a pink aura color is a person who is kind, to themselves and to others. Is a symbol of harmony and happiness.

  • Silver aura color meaning:

A person with a silver aura color is a person who is becoming wealthy either in a spiritual or material way.

  • Brown aura color meaning:

This aura color signifies self-absorption, is very common in a greedy person. A person with a brown aura is a person very focused on the accumulation of material things. It is a sign of warning.

  • Black aura color meaning:

This might sound a little counterintuitive but black is not actually a bad aura color. When a person has a black aura it just means they have a lot of anger and grief inside. People with black auras are still suffering for things of the past. They can't let go and forgive, they are still holding on to pain.

And finally,

  • White aura color meaning:

White is the least common color of an aura. A person with a white aura is a person who has transcended the material aspect of life. It is the color of energy protection and it represents a healthy body and soul.

These are the primary aura colors and associated meanings

An aura color reflects the emotional and physical well-being of a person. And for some people, it may even represent a window to a non-material realm. For you to have a joyful life, being conscious of your aura and their colors will help. In this sense, I would like to share with you two books that were life changing for me:

What Color Is Your Aura?: Personality Spectrums for Understanding and Growth

I really enjoy this book because it is about personal growth, about helping you to understand yourself, no matter what you are going through in life. It's a great resource for good times and bad times. Find it really useful through different moments in my life (and I've read it more than once). I would definitely recommend it!

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The Little Book of Aura Healing: Simple Practices for Cleansing and Reading

It's a great book for beginners for it is simple and it has an easy-reading style that makes it very easy to read and understand! It can also guide you to deepen your own personal healing. It is also concise and it has clear explanations. So... if you're a practical person, you'll enjoy it.

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So here are a few tips on how to train your eye to see your Aura

For seeing and reading your own aura color follow these steps:

  1. Find a white background (like a wall) with soft lighting, it is natural light even better.
  2. Hold your hand up, your palm facing you and against the background.
  3. As you hold your hand up, soften your gaze.
  4. Now, pay attention to your hand, particularly the outline.

With this, you will start to see a spectrum of light around your hand and between your fingers. And as you inspect the aura with your gaze you will be able to recognize the colors of your aura.

You can also try to stand in front of a mirror and focus your attention on the middle of your forehead and do the same gazing exercise.

Let me tell you something, even though aura colors represent a state of the emotional and energetic state. If you find yourself with a less "good" aura color, don't worry. It just means you need to work on those issues, and getting to know your aura colors is just an easy way for you to find out what is that you need to work in.

So, if you try this exercise, let me know in the comments below if you feel represented by it!

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