Best Keto Diet Plan for Beginners: Recipes and Advices

Best Keto Diet Plan for Beginners: Recipes and Advices: Nutrition and body wellness are two of the topics most heard in the last year. That may be due to covid effects. The immune system, responsible for defending us against external factors, has to be strong and healthy in order to achieve its goal.

How can we have a strong immune system? The answer is easy: by eating healthy food. It is scientifically demonstrated that a diet high in vegetables and low in ultra-processed food promotes a powerful immune system. Among the lot of availble diets, keto diet is the most famous one! What is keto diet plan for beginners? Let´s find out in this review the best ever Keto diet plan and advices. Recipes for beginners will be explained at the end of the article. Be ready to cook and improve your life!

The whole word for "keto diet" is ketogenic diet. To explain it in a few words, it is a low carb diet full of vegetables and low in sugar. The goal is having a high fat intake and little amount of protein. Here the trick is eating fat. But what do all those words actually mean? The writer of What's Keto Diet? The Nuts and Bolts of Keto Diet explains: "The standard Ketogenic diet is based on approximately 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs. The decrease in carb intake makes your body enter in the metabolic state of ketosis by which your body turns fat into energy more efficiently using ketones".

The goal at a general level is burning fat while eating specific food. Keto diet for beginners: let´s first learn what food contains fat, protein and carbs.

  • FAT: Dairy products: butter, ghee, cheese, cream; eggs, olive oil and coconut oil; nuts and seeds.
  • PROTEIN: Read meat, chicken, fish, pork, beef, veal and turkey; legumes; tuna; sardines; whole milk ricotta cheese and whole milk cottage cheese.
  • CARBS: The carb intake in the keto diet should be limited to 10%. Examples of carb are bread, rice and pasta.
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The internal process in the body while it enters in ketosis is clearly explained by the writer of the article What's Keto Diet? The Nuts and Bolts of Keto Diet. She states that the goal is eating a high level of fat. When this happens, the glucose level falls, the lipase releases stored triglycerids, then the fatty acids travel to the liver and the latter produces ketones. Magical isn´t it?

If you are having a keto diet, as you can see your body undergoes many changes in its regular functioning. Hence the importance of going to the nutritionist to create a personalized food plan. Also, you should go to the doctor and get your labs done. Knowing before hand what things you need to improve in your health will save you time and energy. Find in this review a keto diet plan for beginners.

Now it is time to find out the pros of having a keto diet! The benefits are multiple, we will see a few of them and you can find others here: What's Keto Diet? The Nuts and Bolts of Keto Diet.

  • As the writer of that article affirms, the keto diet reduces blood sugar levels due to reduction in carbo intake. That is why this diet is perfect for diabetic people. I explained before that the high level of fat is what causes the glucose level to fall. Eating fat is essential to see results.
  • "It produces weight loss as body fat is used for energy supply" the author of the article What's Keto Diet? The Nuts and Bolts of Keto Diet explains. Doctors recommend doing yoga or pilates while beginning the diet due to the change in energy. Practising crossfit, football or hockey are not recommended while making the change. The latter sports demand a high amount of energy.

  • Your concentration and focus will definetely be improved while eating keto food. Keto diet for beginners: the recipes for beginners found at the end of the article will save your life! Your mental health is improved because of the lack of blood sugar spikes in your brain.

  • According to the creator of What's Keto Diet? The Nuts and Bolts of Keto Diet, the keto diet helps normalize apetite. Keto diet for beginners: fat is definitely more satisfying for the body than protein so you will feel full for a long time after eating your keto food. Most of use tend to pick at food during the whole day, specially while cooking hahaa. That will disappear with the keto diet plan for beginners :)

Let´s continue with the Best Keto diet plan for beginners:


  • 1) First of all you need to go to the doctor and get your labs done. After your doctor analyzes your results and analyzes your body structure then you can begin with keto. Remember that starting the keto diet plan for beginners may have bad consequences, hence the importance of going to the doctor first. Some of the questions you can ask yourself are: Do I breastfeed at the moment? Do I have low blood pressure? Do I suffer from diabetes? Am I taking specific medicines?
  • 2) The next step after going to the doctor and doing the things mentioned above is going to a dietician or a nutritionist. The difference between them is that dieticians are certified to treat clinical conditions while not every nutritionist is able to do so. I recommend going to a dietitician who specializes in Keto diet. Not everyone does, so this will be an important factor for your results.
  • 3) Now it is the moment to figure out what to eat on a keto diet? Most of us have four meals during the day: breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Keto diet for beginners: doing meal prep on sundays will save your life. Cooking food in advance with a scheduled plan of food is the key to success in the keto diet plan for beginners. The writer of What's Keto Diet? The Nuts and Bolts of Keto Diet recommends a great keto breakfast option: "The classic bacon-and-egg breakfast goes well with avocado and sour cream. Don’t forget to sip a creamy bulletproof keto coffee and you’re ready to start your day".
  • 4) Keto diet for beginners: According to dieticians, the important thing to know when doing a keto diet is understanding which food represents fat, protein and carbs. By doing so, you can be aware of what food you need to avoid and what food you can eat. Meat and poultry, fish and seafood, natural fats are great options. Creating keto plan meals will be a success whenever you have the right strategy. My friend, who is a nutritionist, proposes starting by picking a source of protein such as fish, then choose two low-carb veggies and add healthy fat to complete your meal. In the picture below you fill find many options available.

I will give you some recipes for beginners to begin your keto diet plan strong and healthy :)

1- Creamy chicken, bacon and cauliflower to the oven:

Chop the cauliflower in small pieces and mix it with sweet spices. At the same time cut the chicken in small pieces too and start cooking it slowly inside a sauce made with cream and butter. I recommend mixing it with onion and good quality spices. You and your family will love this complete dish: protein, fat and gluten free :)

2- Keto tacos!

Tacos are from Mexico and it is a versatile food. With just five ingredients you can have a healthy and nutritious meal. Mix spinach, onion, parsley and tomato to prepare the filling of the taco. Then to prepare the tortilla of the taco mix spinach with a low amount of avena. Tacos are perfect for a birthday party or to celebrate your graduation. The result will be incredible and everyone will love you even more ahahaha

3- Keto fish and chips

Replacement is all that you need to prepare a home made keto fish and chips. Nutritionists recommend using almond meal to replace breadcrumbs and avocado instead of potatoes. Cook the fish on the pan with a small amount of healthy oil and your meal will again be complete: fat, low carb and protein!

The author of What's Keto Diet? The Nuts and Bolts of Keto Diet reminds you: Be creative! You can combine different ingredients to have a great and delicious keto dish without carbs. Always remember your plate should look attractive and colorful, it’s all in the mind!

I hope that with all this information you can have access to a good quality keto diet plan for beginners. Information is everything we need as humans to pursue our goals in life. With a good nutritionist or dietician and a weekly plan of food you will achieve your goals: loss weigth, have better insulin results, feel better or whatever your goal is.

Leave in comments if you have prepared one of these recipes at home! Remember to take a look at What's Keto Diet? The Nuts and Bolts of Keto Diet to learn ever more about the keto world :)

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