Best Sustainable Gifts of 2023: One for Each Type of Sustainable Person

You may probably have one friend or relative for each type of gift. Or the other way round. I am a big fan of choosing the perfect gift for each kind of person. Consciousness in the act of giving a present means a true act of kindness in my opinion. What about you? Are you a consciousness gifter? Here you will find the best sustainable gifts of 2023, one for each type of sustainable person.

Our Top Pick Sustainable Gifts

Best for Eco-friendly beginners - Reusable Produce Bags for Grocery Shopping


These reusable produce bags are perfect for friends and family becoming more sustainable. It Is made of polyester lining and has drawstring closure. Can be machine washed. You will be encouraging your loved ones to use zero waste and reusable products, avoiding single use plastic. Are perfect for grocery and produce shopping bags for veggies and bulk food.

100% biodegradable natural cotton and muslin drawstring bags w/wooden closures that you can even paint or dye and make them even more special to give as a present. Have you already chosen who you are going to be the next owner of this practical sustainable gift? Buy on Amazon

Best for Kids - Wooden Balance Toy


These wooden toys are perfect for the little sustainable warriors. Meaning a great sustainable gift for children to learn numbers - it is an ideal toy for young children. I love the fact that you can be sure that the toy does not bring them any harm and that it is a high quality toy. Are covered by health safe for colors, so even if the baby will try them "to the tooth", nothing will happen to him.

Develops a wooden toy-balancer: funny cute dolphin starts to swing as soon as you post it kegs. This sustainable gift is not just cute, because it also develops fine motor coordination and fine motor skills. Buy on Amazon

Best for Students - Plantable Graphite Pencils With Seeds


These plantable pencils are perfect for all kinds of students: always a pencil is useful and the fact that you are avoiding the use of wooden pencils makes them sustainable and unique. Pencils are made from 100% recycled newspapers and also have seeds included. So, you will not only save trees from nos using wood, but also you can make trees grow from the seeds included. In the end, you will be giving trees, oxygen and future as a gift, beautiful right? A great sustainable gift that is also CE and ENs-71 certified and non toxic. Buy on Amazon

Best for Foodies - Extra Large Wood Cutting Board


You may surely have a foodie friend that you are pushing to a more sustainable life. This extra large cutting board is a perfect sustainable gift for him or her. It is versatile, multipurpose, reversible and a perfectly sized wood cutting board for all types of work.

The thickness of the butcher block cutting board makes it heavy and stable during work. One side has a deep juice groove that makes it convenient to cut juicy products like tomato, orange, and meat. It is pre-carried with beeswax and linseed oil, a highly reliable treatment for cutting boards. Linseed oil keeps water and other substances out of the wood. Beeswax penetrates deeper to protect your board from smell and moisture. Better sustainable gift for foodies? Buy on Amazon

Best for Plants Lovers - Costa Farms Live Ficus Lyrata, Fiddle-Leaf Fig, Indoor Tree


Plants are always a good plan. And a great sustainable gift. This quality premium stately tree is perfect for home décor and design and even easy to care for. It is approximately 4-feet tall, measured from the bottom of the pot top of the plant. This plant loves indoor bright filtered light so, it is ideal to place near a sun-facing window. You will have to water it only when the top of the soil is dry. Shipped planted, fully-rooted in a growers pot, you can change the look by inserting the grower pot into a decorator basket or planter.

Nasa studies show having plants in your home improves your mood, sparks your creativity and reduces stress, everything you need to bring to a loved ones in a gift! Buy on Amazon

Best for Pets - RADIUS Adult Kit Dog Toothbrush


Pets are usually our best friends. Why not also think about them when making sustainable gifts? This Dog Toothbrush assures them a fresher breath and better oral health to our 4 legged friends. Firm bristles to invigorate adult dog's gums, remove tartar & fight plaque. This product has no harmful ingredients: no xylitol, chemicals, preservatives, dyes, pesticides, GMOs, gluten, fluoride, saccharin, artificial additives, sweeteners or flavors, latex free, SLS and SLES free, BPA and BPS free.

It is ideal for adult dogs 1.5-8 years. Also, are made in the USA, cruelty free, non-toxic and made with food grade ingredients. The brand uses American factories that engage in environmentally friendly practices and comply with strict quality standards. Buy on Amazon

Best for Babies - Kanga Care Rumparooz One Size Reusable Cloth Diaper Cover Snap


If you have a new mommy or daddy near and they are also sustainable warriors, they will love these sustainable gifts for his or her baby. This waterproof reusable cloth diaper cover is made 100% polyester with TPU laminate and imported. It has leg gussets for leak protection and tummy elastic for best fit. Come in 2 convenient sizes to grow with the baby from birth to potty: newborn 4 - 15 lbs / one size 6-35+ lbs. Covers may be wiped clean between uses and used multiple times before laundering. You can choose the closure options to a customized gift: it is available KAM snap or Aplix hook & loop. Buy on Amazon

Best for Yogis - Cork Yoga Mat With Strap Non Slip Eco Friendly


I think that sustainable gifts for yogis are easy to choose. And this cork yoga mat is not the exception. Cork is a 100% biodegradable resource which comes from a plant that is rapidly renewable. The natural rubber is also from a plant and completely biodegradable. This yoga mat is not only flexible and durable; it also provides greater traction with more heat and moisture.

Cork is naturally cleaner than rubber or plastic mats, so even when workouts are super sweaty your mat will stay clean and odor free. Check if it is time for a change for the yoga mat of your yogi near ones: this could be your next Christmas present! Buy on Amazon

Best for Sun Warriors - Two Peas Organics - All Natural Organic Sunscreen Lotion


The Two Peas Organics sunscreen is an all natural product that uses highly effective plant derived and certified organic ingredients to provide superior sun protection that is biodegradable and coral reef safe. Provides reliable SPF 30 broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection. Gentle enough for babies sensitive skin yet strong enough coverage for kids and adults: a great sustainable gift for sun warriors!

Extra thick formula with 20% Zinc Oxide helps to prevent sunburns and help decrease the risk of skin damage and early skin aging caused by the sun. Also, it is a fragrance free formula that is gentle on your skin and free from all chemicals found in most sunscreens making it ideal for delicate or sensitive skin. Buy on Amazon

Best for Glow up - RMS Beauty Luminizing Duo with Madeira Bronzer Luminizing Powder


Your sustainable lover of make-up friend will be really flattered with this option. The Madeira Bronzer is an enchanting sun-kissed bronzer highlight, and it is paired with this 100% vegan brush, made of the softest, highest-quality synthetic hairs. Effortlessly gives skin a radiant glow in one sweep. It is designed with perfectly angled bristles, the luminizing powder retractable brush precisely applies powder highlighter to illuminate features and give a beautiful dimension to the face.

The brand has been a leader in the clean beauty industry since 2009, and their mission is to create healthy, luxurious beauty means they only use the highest-quality clean ingredients, meticulously sourced and tested for complete purity. Non-GMO, non-nano, soy free, gluten free, and cruelty-free. Buy on Amazon

We have already said: giving a gift could be as enjoyable as receiving it. I feel amused each time I realize which is the perfect gift for my loved ones, don´t you feel that also?

All these options will probably make you choose better or even call creativity and think of even more and original alternatives. At least, you can choose the perfect sustainable gift for you meanwhile.

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