Eco-friendly Baby Clothes: The Most Adorable Options for the Little Ones

Babies: those little creatures that represent life and joy. And that also, have a very sensitive skin! From a couple of years now we have been getting more conscious about what we wear and how it impacts our health and the environment. In this article I will fully review some Eco-friendly Baby Clothes, so I can let you know what The Most Adorable Options for the Little Ones are.

Parents are starting to be more aware of which type of clothes they dress their babies with. The textile industry has been found guilty of using chemical products when manufacturing babies clothes that also damage the environment. Whether if you are becoming a parent or just giving a nice gift to you closest little one, you'll need to pay extra attention as organic is the new trend (which is also healthy).

The way parents raise their babies these days have significantly changed since our parents raised us. Despite each parent have its own way, one thing is clear: all parents want healthy babies. One of the ways of achieving this is by getting your baby some eco-friendly baby clothes. As silly as it might sound, babies have a very sensitive skin. From rashes to topical dermatitis, their skin reacts to everything it touches. Well, it is in fact the largest human organ in the body, covering it from the head to the feet.

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Little one's skin is still developing after they are born, as many other parts of their bodies like teeth. Ergo, their skin can be damaged much more easily that grown ups. They are yet not used to being outside the mum's womb so everything that touches them can rapidly affect them. One of the ways to prevent this is by getting them dressed with Organic Cotton.

Why is this? Because even after baby clothes are washed, you can never be sure of which chemicals, used in the manufacturing process, still remains in the fabrics. One way of making sure there are no unwanted chemicals around you baby skin is by getting them dressed with organic cotton.

On the one hand, regular cotton is always sprayed with different types of pesticides to keep insects away, and this doesn't wash off once that this cotton is turned into baby clothes. This pesticide-ridden crops are not very healthy for the environment either. Pesticides are real hazards for anyone around them, and we should be aware of it.

So, every time that you are shopping for your or your loved baby, make sure you look out for the GOTS mark on it. You might be wondering what this is. Well, GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. And if the product that you are buying have this label on, you should be sure that the fabric is 100% organic.

Not only this means that the cotton has been organically farmed and grown but also that the whole manufacturing process of that piece of cloth has been carefully watched and done in an ecologically and social responsible way. No toxic dyes or chemicals were used in the making of process of the piece that you are buying.

Even though there are many brands that are organic and responsible, if the product that you are buying have a GOTS tag on it, you can trust they are safe for your loved baby. Eco friendly baby clothes are not that hard to find these days. But there are so many options that one might get confused about it.

GOTS tag are an easy and fast way to pick up organic cotton and eco-friendly baby clothes for those new to sustainability. You can always check if the things that you are going to buy have this certification just by reading the description of the products properly.

As I was looking for clothes for my niece, I've come across different types of sustainable brands that take care of babies skin as well. There is a wide range of products and brands that reach sustainable standards and these are my favorite ones.

The following is a short review of each product. Below you can find a deeper one.

Our Top Pick Eco-Friendly Baby Clothes

Best Baby Gift Set: Lamaze Organic Baby

If you are looking for a gift set that is also healthy for the little one you are giving it too, you can always rely on Lamaze. They have super sweet and nice baby gift sets that are fully organic cotton certified. Come packed in small cute bags that become the perfect baby gift. Buy on Amazon

Best Organic Reusable Diaper: Simple Being Reusable Cloth Diapers

How wonderful are reusable diapers? They have become so trendy in the past few years and with a good reason. Reusable diapers take care of your baby skin because they are usually organic and also take care of the environment reducing plastic waste. This are one of the best option in the market this days. And you can get them with just one click. Buy on Amazon

Best Baby Wash Cloth: Fammy Pro Baby Bamboo Washcloths

These washcloths are one of the items that you will rely on when you have a baby. Not only you will use them for washing the baby's face but also to clean them when they start eating by themselves, or even when they puke! The Fammy Prof washclothes are made out from organic bamboo fibers, one of the softest fabrics around. Buy on Amazon

Best Baby Pajamas: Burt's Bees Baby Sleepers

I am sure you have heard of Burt's and Bees before. And if you were not in love with this brand already, trust me, you'll love them now. They have developed a baby line that will make your baby feel as if she/he is sleeping in a cotton cloud. Soft and comfies, these PJ's will get you baby to sleep through the whole night. Buy on Amazon

Best Diaper Cover: SmartNappy Cotton Muslin by Amazing Baby

Two in one diaper cover. You can rely that this diaper cover is leak free. Not only it has been made to cover regular diapers but it also comes with a pocket to place reusable or disposable inserts to keep your baby clean and dry. Buy on Amazon

The following is a deeper and throughout review of each of the products mentioned above.

Best Baby Gift Set: Lamaze Organic Baby

Sustainable Warriors Score

5 5

Buy on Amazon

What I Like

  • Specially packed as gifts
  • Soft
  • Durable

What I Don't Like

  • They don't have grown up sizes!! (LOL)

These gift sets have been thought, carefully designed, and professionally and safely manufactured. Eco-friendly baby clothes are the key here. Pure organic certified: eco-friendly, natural finish for super softness and less shrinkage. It is extra gentle for your baby's skin. Once you discover this brand, you will absolutely love it.

Also, the design have been made focusing on a baby's anatomy. They come with an expandable neckline and nickel-free snaps for quicker and easier diaper changes, have also been made shrinkage proof and there is no label on the back of the neck. We all know how irritating itchy tags are.

Don't you need to have your own baby to get this, because the sets have been packed individually as gift sets inside a reusable bag. After you give the gift to the baby, moms can use the bag to carry diapers or other baby things around. I've found this is a great gift set for anyone, the stamps on the fabric are gorgeous and they are suitable for boys and girls. Anyway, who cares about that these days? But the drawings and designs are nice and calming.

The big downside I would say is that they are not washing machine proof, these sets are better if hand washed.


Lamaze produce their products in an ethical way, focusing on fair trade, sustainability and in a transparent supply chain. The cotton from which they made the eco friendly baby clothes have been grown and processed without using harsh chemicals or dyes, produced in an oeko-tex certified facility.

Sets may include different combinations of bodysuits and tees, pants and shorts and hoodies and jackets. They also manufacture sleepwear and rompers giving you an extra option to mix and match.

Best Organic Reusable Diaper: Simple Being Reusable Cloth Diapers

Sustainable Warriors Score

4 5

Buy on Amazon

What I Like

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Consistency

What I Don't Like

  • No GOTS label
  • Small fit

To be honest, when I first got these ones for my newborn niece I wasn't sure about how either her skin will react and also if it was going to work. And they surprised me lots! As many of us are aware at this stage, sustainable options for babies are on spike. But this does not mean that the quality of what we get is always great. Specially with cotton reusable diapers, there is always a risk that they might leak easily. Not with these ones!

The quality of these diapers is amusing. Each pack comes with six diapers, six absorbent inserts, one diaper wet bag and one hundred (YES, 100!) flushable environmentally friendly liners that will keep your baby's bum soft and nice. The idea of getting the whole pack scared me at first because I thought it was going to be super expensive. Not at all! The relation between quality and price is super friendly if you keep in mind that you are also helping the environment by choosing reusable diapers.


The liner on the baby's cloth diaper stays dry! In this sense, it is an extra way that this brand keeps your baby's skin safe and sound. Eco-friendly baby clothes that is also sustainable, and this is it. Despite the lack of a GOTS label on the packaging, the diapers have been made out from bamboo fibers which are super safe and soft. The fitting of the diaper is snug, which is great because it prevents it from leaking but it might be too tight for big babies.

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Best Baby Wash Cloth: Fammy Pro Baby Bamboo Washcloths

Sustainable Warriors Score

4 5

Buy on Amazon

What I Like

  • Biodegradable
  • Bamboo fiber made

What I Don't Like

  • Might not be the softest in the market

As I've said before, these washcloths are one of the items that you will most rely on when you have a baby. Not only because you will use them for washing the baby's face after a nice bath, but also to clean them when they start eating by themselves, or even when they puke! For example, my baby niece have started teething not long ago, this means she is producing an excessive amount of saliva ALL THE TIME! So, having a couple of this washcloths handy helps lots.

Bamboo fibers are the super absorbent and really soft. No need to say they are organic for sure. They are certified organic and you can use them even to wipe your baby bum instead of using not degradable wipes.

You can choose from a couple of different colors and the pack contains six baby cloths.


As all towels fabric, the texture and softness in the beggining could be a little bit rough. Might require a couple of uses before the cloth gets softer. I know it is a normal thing to happen but could be a downside point for this brand.

What I liked most is that they come in a pack of six, while other brands would only pack three for the same price. You can roll them and place them somewhere away from dust, and they will always be ready to help you clean your baby.

Extra? Adults can use them too! just keep a few on your bathroom to help you dry that face after your morning skin care routine ;)

Best Baby Pajamas: Burt's Bees Baby Sleepers

Sustainable Warriors Score

5 5

Buy on Amazon

What I Like

  • Organic fibers
  • Easy to wear

What I Don't Like

  • Might be to snug for some babies

One hundred per cent organic cotton zipped Pajamas! Burts & Bees really rocked it this time. You can choose from at least one dozen styles to dress your baby for a good night of sleep. The softness and the quality of this organic cotton make this piece my favorite eco friendly baby clothes.

The zipper closure goes from the feet to the neck, making it super easy and convenient to dress your baby up after a good calming bath and getting him or she ready for bedtime. There is a zipper guard around the neck area that protects the baby skin from getting scratched by the end of the zip. Also, there is a tab there with a nickel-free snap. The soles of the feet comes with a non-slip bee shaped grip for all sizes.

From dinosaurs to stars, there are different types of designers and patters so you can choose the one that better match your baby's personality.


Apparently, some of the onesies have been bad manufactured making the arms a little bit longer and thinner, thus being a little too snug for some babies. This was not the case when I bought the one for my niece but I've read a few review that stated differently.

As per Burt's and Bees, the new fit is more loose. So, one extra point for them if they have listened to their customers. You can also mix and match between designs, or just pick a couple of different ones for each night of the week.

Best Diaper Cover: SmartNappy Cotton Muslin by Amazing Baby

Sustainable Warriors Score

4 5

Buy on Amazon

What I Like

  • Organic fibers
  • Pocket sling
  • Reusable or disposable

What I Don't Like

  • I didn't like the disposable option

In the beginning I was super curious about what this was. Was it a reusable diaper? Or was it a diaper cover? Well, it is actually both. You can use the cover on top of your baby's regular diaper or you can sling the inserts on the pocket and use it as a cloth diaper. Also, the brand suggests that you can use the diaper with either the disposable insert or with the disposable one. I didn't like that they gave me the option as I would always prefer it to be fully sustainable and reusable. But I can understand this might not be everyone's case.

The packaging includes one Tri-fold, this is what absorbs your baby's urine. And it also includes a booster, which works as an extra protection layer. The pack as it comes is fully reusable, if you are willing to get the disposable pads, you will have to get them separately.


I really liked the design of these diapers and also that it gives you the option of wearing them on top on a regular diaper. Thus, imagine your baby at the beach with one of this, she or he would look totally cool. And, they are really soft for the skin.

They come in four different sizes and a size guide just in case it is a gift and you are not sure about which one to get. Most of the reviews I've found online about this one are great plus my personal experience with my niece.

I am absolutely happy about the outcome of this review, I like taking care of my niece's skin and I've found that wearing organic certified cotton is the main key.

Not only you can keep you baby's skin healthy by taking care of the clothes they were but also with all the different products that baby use.

You can have a look at all the Natural Organic baby Bath Products in this article.

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