How can Glass be Recycled become Beautiful and Useful Products?

Have you ever considered how glass as a recycled material can be the perfect eco-friendly gift for Holidays? It might seem utopian to think that an element can be recycled infinite times. However, this is something that happens with glass. Recycling glass containers has great environmental benefits, as it avoids the extraction of raw materials from nature, energy savings, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and contributes to the implementation of a circular economy. Recycled glass can be transformed and become not only new products, but useful products as well as beautiful ones. Here you will find some of them you can choose to be a sustainable warrior also with your Christmas gifts!

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Our Top Pick Recycled Glass Gifts

Most Fancy - Stud earrings made with recycled gin bottle glass


This is the perfect gift for the gin and tonic or cocktail lover! Are one of a kind stud earrings which have been completely hand made using porcelain and Bombay sapphire gin bottle glass fired and melted in the kiln to give a crackle effect. The amount of glass on each earring varies slightly meaning that the colour depth of the blue also varies: an authentic artisanal piece of arte. However, it is checked that the colour pair matches so that they are as similar as possible.

They are made for order. Each stud is approximately 9mm in diameter and the pair is mounted on 925 sterling silver posts with scroll backs. What makes them cute is that they come packaged on an illustrated backing card. Who said gin is just for cocktails? Buy on Etsy

Most Decorative - Fused glass bowl


This fused glass bowl can serve as a candle holder. Glass recycled vase is the perfect gift for eco- friendly loved ones. If you were asking yourself how recycled glass can be perfect for your home interior, this blue bowl is the answer. It will accentuate the blue decor elements and can be also used as a candy bowl or for baking.

This one-of-a-kind bowl is made from recycled glass using a unique technology, also used for processing wine and other bottles. All production processes are environmentally friendly, and do not use substances that are harmful to humans and the environment. Buy on Etsy

Most Magical - Recycled glass evergreen suncatcher


This evergreen suncatcher is made by hand from 100% post-consumer bottle glass at a non-profit community recycling center in Ohio. It is perfect for hanging it in your window and letting the sunlight sparkle through! You will be able to check how glass being recycled can be magic!

The Evergreen suncatcher is approximately 4 1/4 In. in diameter and is available in emerald green only. It is strung with a hemp cord and a recycled paper tag explaining it was made from 100% post-consumer bottles at a non-profit facility. Something amazing is that they can be easily hung with a suction cup, that is not provided, in a window.

Because each suncatcher is individually made by hand, there will be slight variations in size, bubbles, rim size, thickness, and coloration. Recycled glass, you know, it is a matter of artisans! How does recycled glass become this kind of product? Glass bottles come into the recycling plant from community drop-offs and curbside. Then, they hand-select and divert specific bottles to the "hot shop" to be melted down and made into sparkling, colorful suncatchers. Buy on Etsy

Best Piece of Art - Sea Glass Recycled Wine Bottle Wind Chime


The Sea Glass chime is crafted from clear wine bottles. Special colorful dots in the middle of the rings are two gems (half marbles like you'd decorate with) melted together. This is the way you will try how glass being recycled can be mixed to have a unique artwork.

Wooden top is made of treated pine with a steel chain at the top. The chime is hung on a 50 pound test woven nylon fishing line. It's tough stuff that's impervious to rain and sun and it probably lasts upwards of a decade. The colors and arrangement of them will vary slightly from chime to chime, thanks to the fact that it is a handmade product. Size is 24" from top loop to bottom glass by 6"- each circle is roughly palm sized. Buy on Etsy

Most Original - Aveda Bottle Recycled Glass Hoop Earrings


I couldn't believe how glass as a recycled material can be ear rings! And this is the answer. Aveda skincare bottles are cut and fired into super cool glass hoops. Finished with sterling silver french hooks. Hoops are about 2 inches in diameter. You can even see the bottle ingredients as part of the earring, isn't that cool? The words are not obvious from a distance, but can be seen close up.

All Smartglass Jewelry purchases come beautifully boxed with an artist card, handcrafted and recycled story, and bottle key card included. A sustainable and eco-warriors love story! Don´t you think? Buy on Etsy

Most Useful - Re-Cycled Wine Bottle Serving Dish Cheese And Crackers


This recycled wine bottle has been beautifully transformed into a wonderful serving dish that allows for a block of cheese and a stack of crackers next to it. The way how recycled glass easily becomes a useful product! You have to know that the sale is for a single serving dish and spreader.

You can ask for a clear alternative or you may probably receive a green or dark olive color, depending on the availability. The color will not alter the practicality, be sure of that! Buy on Etsy

You can learn more about recycled plastic bottles in Best Eco-friendly Gifts Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles

Most Valuable - Afghani Ancient Roman Glass Heishi Beads


Ancient Roman Glass upcycled beads! Handmade in Afghanistan, these small heishi beads are made from reclaimed old ancient roman glass that were once vessels like perfume bottles, water jugs, plates and cups. Remnants of these vessels have been salvaged and hand-carved into small heishi beads. How precious can recycled glass be!

These beads are mostly light aqua color, typical color of Roman glassware of that period. There are also other colors of pink, black and turquoise mixed in each strand.

The Afghani people are known for their carving of small stone and glass beads by hand and you can see the beautiful handmade irregularities in each bead. Buy on Etsy

Most Practical - Recycled Moroccan Handblown Cone Glass Set


The sleek and simple design of these hand-blown cone shaped glasses are a testament to the style and skill of the artisans who make them. Used for all types of beverages or as little vases to decorate each table setting, you will enjoy the feel of them in your hand as you toast the joys of the day.

Made from recycled beer and wine bottles, these sets are a second act for glass that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

The hand blown construction is evident in the bubbles suspended in the glass itself, and the organic forms that the vessels take. Buy on Etsy

Most Original - Wine Bottle Serving Tray


Unique and repurposed wine bottle serving platters. These wine bottle serving trays can also be used as platters or bowls and will be a great conversation starter, wine lover gift, or housewarming gift! This is a gift that can be used multiple times and can be used to store candy, snacks such as potato chips, chips & salsa. Can even be used as a simple storage or a flower pot. This is also a great party décor as this will be a unique design in your home or someone you know!

Each bottle has wine corks attached to the bottom of the bottle to help stabilize it unless you request without the corks. It is not dishwasher safe if corks are attached. You can also choose to turn this bottle into a flower point, in that case you will have to select to have a drainage hole added. Buy on Etsy

Best Premium Option - 12 oz Wine bottle Glasses


Diamond cut from wine bottles from around the world, sanded, polished and beveled leaving a smooth finish with no rough or sharp edges. These glasses stand approx 4.5" tall x 3" diameter & hold 400 mls.

WasABottle is Reciclar Factory's Glass division that repurposes used waste Liquor, Wine, Gin, Vodka, Beer Bottles into stylish items to match your living. These glassware products are handcrafted with utmost finesse such that each product turns-out to be a piece of art. The Bottle product range includes glasses, lamps, home décor, serving platters and more.

While they are looking to minimize the carbon footprint by upscaling glass bottles into highly appealing lifestyle products, you reintroduce waste glassware into your lifestyle back yet again in the form of eco-friendly lifestyle products with a modernistic charm. This is how recycled glass can be premium! Buy on Etsy

I can't believe how versatile can glass as a recycled material can be! From bazaar to jewelery, including decoration, there´s plenty of options for discarded glass. Circular economy and recycled materials, especially recycled glass is full of opportunities and, in my humble opinion, that's the key to a new mindset's success.

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Come on warrior! We are all making it possible! Don´t you think?

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