How to go Paperless at your Kitchen: The Best Options for You

You might use napkins on a regular basis and often throw them out after dinner without a second thought... So, what can I do to reduce the environmental impact in my kitchen? Should you be using cloth or paper napkins? How to go paperless and which are the best options for my kitchen?

There’s no simple answer to this question... While one might seem better than the other, the truth is that both can be problematic for the environment. However, when deciding which napkins are greener, it’s worth considering which of them poses the least environmental impact and a good choice include cloth napkins.

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It’s not just that cloth napkins, like those made of linen, have less impact on the earth’s resources than paper but there are other reasons why you should switch to cloth in the kitchen.

  • When your cloth napkins get dirty, you can pop them in the laundry without having to throw them away. On average, each person in America uses 2,200 two-ply napkins every year, as Business Insider reports. They get thrown away and that’s a lot of waste ending up in landfills that can be avoided with a sustainable cloth napkin.
  • Cloth napkins have more than one use. You can obviously use them when setting the table, but cloth napkins can also be used to mop up any spills or cover food.
  • You can downcycle them. Once your cloth napkins aren’t being used around the kitchen, such as when they have stains that just don’t come out in the wash, you still don’t have to throw them away. You can use them as cleaning rags.
  • When it’s time to get rid of your cloth napkins, you don’t have to pop them in the bin. If they’re made of natural fibers such as linen, hemp, or cotton, you can cut them up into smaller pieces and throw them in the compost pile.

In this article I'll be sharing with you today 9 eco friendly napkins to go paperless at your kitchen.

Best Paperless Napkins Options For You:

Set of Cloth Napkins for Pastel Lovers: HammerThreadHandmade

napkin 1 (1)

This set of reusable napkins includes three options:

1st set of 7 eco friendly napkins

2nd set of 14 eco friendly napkins

3rd set of 21 eco friendly napkins

All of them are made of 100% cotton and are reusable. This means that you can use them as many times as you want and when your cloth napkins get dirty, you can pop them in the laundry without having to throw them away .You don’t have to pop them in the bin.

These napkins are thin, you can keep them in your drawers, a box or a basket.

Buy on Etsy

Best Cloth Napkin Set for Color Lovers: MyScrappyGirl

napkin 2 (1)

In order to get paperless at your kitchen, I recommend this set of 6, 12 or 24 cloth napkins. As regards their material, all of them are made out of cotton and they definitely soak up liquid, and easily clean up any messes.

There are two options available: one for pattern lovers and the other one is more suitable for the low-key. In my opinion, both options are lovely and the patterned fabrics are absolutely cute. However, if you're looking for napkins for your kids, I would recommend the cheerful ones with cute patterns according their age.

Tip: for better results, wash them before using them for the first time. They will get more spongy and absorbent with every wash. Buy on Etsy

Best Set of Napkins for Christmas Lovers: CozySimpleLiving

napkin 3 (1)

Are you tired of spending a lot of money on paper napkins during Christmas celebrations?

Are you ones of those who have lots of guests at their house and spend a lot of time cleaning the wastes after Christmas night?

This is a perfect solution for you!

This set of 12 reusable napkins are a good option to reduce the amount of residues during those huge celebrations with many guests at home. Not only they are eco friendly and a nice way to help the environment but they are also cute and can be used many times.

Forget about wasting lots of money on paper napkins that will be discarded after a first use without thinking about it twice. This set has been made out of cotton, they include 12 cloth napkins which are durable, useful and easy to wash. Buy on Etsy

Best Set of Napkins for Detailed Ones: GinasSoftClothShop

napkin 4 (1)

This time I bring you a lovely, eco- friendly option for your kitchen!

It is a set of reusable cotton napkins that are available in different shades of color. As regards their composition, these napkins have an incredible high- quality. They have been made out of 100% organic cotton and they have an incredible soft texture.

With such a beautiful packaging, containing not only a bow that matches the colors of the towels but also a description with the necessary motivational phrases to make you definitely go for a paperless kitchen. It also includes a surprise... Should I be telling you about it? I don't think so!

Buy it and discover about it by yourself! Buy on Etsy

Best Set of Napkins for Compost Lovers: MavisMiki

napkin 5 2 (1)

Although most of the options we have offered you till now are reusable (they can be used more than once) this is a nice option for those who love composting. This set of reusable bamboo napkins are the perfect choice for those who have been introduced to the magic of composting. Each roll contains 30 durable napkins for you to use during your kitchen tasks.

These napkins have been made out of bamboo fiber, which makes them thick, soft, absorbable and easy to dry. Buy this amazing substitute for the classic towels and after using them, just add them to your compost.

A reusable, recyclable and compostable kitchen towel. What are you waiting for? Buy on Etsy

Best Ecological Napkins for Blue Lovers: CozySimpleLiving

napkin 6 (1)

Besides the fact that these paperless towels are great, what I really loved about this product is the seller. The owners of this lovely brand are quick to respond and lovely to talk to. I have asked many questions before buying the product and they have been available for me every single time I needed them!

I also really liked the modern look of all of them. Although I am not a such a big blue lover, I think that the combination of colors and patterns makes them a really good option if you want to buy more than one product or you just want to buy them as a present. Buy on Etsy

Best Reusable Napkins for Classic Ones: ModernNestShop

napkin 7 (1)

Go paperless at your kitchen with this amazing set of 20 paperless towels! These napkins are made out of 100% ecological cotton. As they have no paper in their composition, napkins ger more and more absorbent every time you wash them.Although the first option is to use them as a napkin, they can also be used as towels.

Paperless napkins are one of the easiest ways to make the transition to a zero waste kitchen. I promise you that once you try these ones, you will never buy expensive and wasteful paper napkins anymore.

This set of 20 napkins include

+ 5 white napkins
+ 5 black napkins
+ 5 gray napkins and
+ 5 lemon napkins

Buy on Etsy

Best Reusable Napkins for The Messy Ones: Remiusables

napkin 8 (1)

These paperless towels include 12 sheets come on a roll and they are made of a soft absorbent black flannel.They can be used as napkins, place-mats, bibs, superhero capes, or a non slip oven handle towel and they're great for wiping little ones faces

I consider them a good option for the messy ones since they attach to one another with plastic snaps, and fasten to a plastic roll that fits on most paper towel holders. However, these can also be made without snaps.

Each sheet is double sided with serged edges for durability and a more professional look. An X is sewn in to keep the two fabrics from separating in the wash. These towels measure approximately 12" long x 10" wide. Each roll comes with a plastic adapter that fits your towels and will slide onto most paper towel holders. Buy on Etsy

Best Napkin Set for Linen Lovers: BicoEstonia

napkin 9 (1)

I really think that this product really deserves a round of applause. This set includes twelve napkins made 100% out of linen. These ecological towels are thick and can be used for different purposes, as napkins or even as towels, why not? What is best, is that they can be used by allergic people since in their process no colorants have been used.

Linen is one of the most antique tissues known by man and as everybody knows, it is highly absorbent.

It is available in two different colors:

Gray linen

White linen ( Even though white can sound a little bit contradictory since spots are highly visible on it, it can be whiten: which is impossible with the other option) Buy on Etsy

Well, my warriors. This article has come to an end. But don't forget: living a green and sustainable life is not as difficult as it seems, and starting by your kitchen is one of the easiest options to get involved in a different world.

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