Natural Organic Baby Bath Products: Check the Best Online Options

The arrival of a baby into the family is like experiencing the best rollercoaster of the world. You will make tons of decisions to give your baby the best, and one of the first decisions has to do with bath time. If you live a sustainable life, I bet that sustainability won't be out of the picture in your baby's life. That's why natural organic baby bath products will become your best friends. Check the best one to buy online :) There are many options available in the market, understanding their ingredients and purposes is key.

At the beginning of this list review you will find a short description of six different natural organic baby bath products recommended. Want to know everything about them? Continue reading! Details and important info about them is explained in the long reviews (middle of the article). Have fun!

Our Top Natural Organic Baby Bath Products

Best Bath Bombs: 3.5 oz XL Bath Bombs for Kids with Toys Inside- Nasky

These Bath Bombs are perfect for active and adventurous kids. They include a toy surprise inside and they nurture the skin. Play and bath at the same time. Buy on Amazon

Best Baby Towel: Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel- Wabellan

Towels are an essential item for babies. Wabellan towel is made of hypoallergenic bamboo, ideal for sensitive skin. Attractive design of animals and great quality. Buy on Amazon

Best Baby Bath Pillow: Organic Baby Bath Pillow- IndulgeMe

Complete your baby bath set with this baby bath pillow. Transform your sink into a bather or add softness to your bathtub. Easy to use, for 0 to 6 month old babies. Buy on Amazon

Best Baby Wipes: Natural Baby Wipes- Niki's

Secure for dermatitis and eczema, these baby wipes are one of the best baby bath organic products. Made of coconut oil and Manuka honey. Buy on Amazon

Best Bath Time Set: Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions Gift Set- Aveeno

The perfect gift set is here! And it is for the baby and his mum ;) It includes a shampoo, a moisture lotion, calming lavender bath for the baby and a stress relief for his mum. Buy on Amazon

Best Baby Bath Flower: Organic Bamboo Baby Bath Flower Sink Insert- Bundle and Bliss

Your baby will feel extremely comfortable inside this flower. You can place it on your sink on your bath, the great feature: it has dual non-slip suction cups! Buy on Amazon

From now on discover the details of each product and choose which natural organic baby bath products you will buy.

Best Bath Bombs: Bath Bombs for Kids with Toys Inside Kids- Nasky

bath bombs
Sustainable Warriors Score

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What I Like

  • Great size: 3.05 oz
  • Aloe vera and orange scent
  • Surprise toy: dogs

What I Don't Like

  • The smells may be too strong
  • Don´t use it with babies because the toy is small
  • Not ideal for sensitive skins

We know that sometimes "bath time" may be difficult with small kids. Luckily, with these organic bath bombs, bath time will become an enjoyable experience. Once your kid drops the bomb into the bath tub it will start to dissolve and an incredible essence will emerge from it. The water turns smoother, your skin will be delighted with its texture! After a few minutes the surprise appears: the cutest small dog you ever see. From now on, your kid will assimilate the bath time with surprise toy time, everything gets better!

surprise toy

The colors are shocking and the vast amount of essences available is incredible! In the picture above you can take a look at the options. My favorite ones are orange and lavender :) The fact that they are organic makes everything better. Kids can play with the dogs while they are having a bath. The price of the set is super convenient, for $27.99 you obtain a set of twelve bath bombs! Remember that the water has to be warm and kids should be supervised while using the bombs. Your kids will have a great time. Organic means that the bombs do not contain bad chemicals that hurt your skin.

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Best Baby Towel: Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel- Wabellan

Sustainable Warriors Score

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What I Like

  • Made of organic bamboo fiber
  • Lovely design
  • Sensitive skin approved

What I Don't Like

  • It is only for newborns and babies
  • White color is hard to maintain but it is beautiful

Bamboo towel is one of the best natural organic baby bath products. What is better than wrapping up your baby with this soft and comfortable towel? Either newborns or babies, keep calm because it is hypoallergenic. Babies will love the design and parents love the quality of bamboo. The fabric is breathable and organic: it absorbs water faster than regular cotton. If your friend is about to give birth, this towel is a perfect present to complete the baby bath set. The size is ideal and it includes a hood to keep baby´s head warm.

bath towel

I personally prefer this type of baby towels that have double stitch hemming. You will probably use it everyday, so quality is something to pay attention to in this field. The double stitching is synonym of durability. Bamboo fabric distinguishes from other fabrics since it is odor free and odor resistant. Wabellan towel´s neutral design makes it possible to use it with boys or girls. Worried about the price? It is only $22.99 dollars! The quality of the towel is worthy. Your baby will be dry as soon as he is out of the water. Bear in mind that it is hypoallergenic. Fluffy and plush fabric, you won´t regret buying it!

Best Baby Bath Pillow: Organic Baby Bath Pillow- Indulge Me

baby indulge me
Sustainable Warriors Score

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What I Like

  • Flower´s petals design
  • Adaptable to sinks and bath tubs
  • Quick drying

What I Don't Like

  • It isn´t very thick
  • Only one color option available

This baby bath pillow arrives to solve all your troubles during bath time. One of the most adaptable natural organic baby bath products. From now on you will be able to bath your baby inside the sink in a comfortable and soft pillow. And if you want to, you can also use it inside the bathtub. Cold sinks are gone with this pillow! A baby bath set is incomplet without this product. Best thing: it is organic :) Made of tencel lyocel fabric, super breathable and kind to skin. The material is biodegradable.

As happens with the bamboo baby towel, this fabric absorbs 50% more water than cotton. Having natural organic baby bath products assures that any toxic chemical will get in contact with your baby skin. Indulge Me bath pillow is super practical for baths. They incorporate suction cups so keep calm because the pillow will be perfectly fixed to the sink. Size is perfect too! The incorporated hanging hook allows you to hang the pillow outdoors and let it dry. Best feature: for $41.37 you obtain a bath pillow and a konjac BABY S P O N G E! Any mother would be delighted to receive this gift to complete their baby bath set. The sponge has natural vegetable fiber: extra soft and gentle.

Best Baby Wipes: Natural Baby Wipes- Niki

baby wipes
Sustainable Warriors Score

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What I Like

  • Organic and natural
  • Allergy certified
  • Ideal for sensitive skins

What I Don't Like

  • Peculiar smell
  • Small size

These natural wipes are the best baby bath organic products in the market. Once you learn that they were created by parents, you get to understand why the product is soooo good. Niki's wipes are made of natural and organic ingredients, they are plant based. Manuka honey essence and coconut oil are the main components of the wipes. They moisture and nurture the skin of your baby. Apart from that, it diminishes redness and irritation. Your baby has eczema and you can´t find the right wipes? Get a pack of these ones! Niki´s wipes are allergy certified.

Natural ingredients are intensive nutrients for the baby's skin. Using wipes while cleaning them may end up irritating their skin or damaging it. However, with these wipes you won't have issues. I know how hard it is to find wipes that aren't full of chemicals and alcohol. Luckily these wipes are suuuper natural. They can be used with newborns and infants. As I mentioned before, the fabric is biodegradable. Most wipes found in the market are full of plastic that lasts maaany years in the planet. Buying Niki's wipes not only benefits your baby but they also help the planet. I forgot to mention the price! $19.95 is all that 4 packs of 65 wipes each costs. Great deal for your wallet :)

Best Bath Time Set: Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions Gift Set- Aveeno

baby bath set
Sustainable Warriors Score

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What I Like

  • Complete set for baby and his mother
  • Brand recommended by pediatricians
  • Great packaging

What I Don't Like

  • Not ideal for curly hair

There is nothing better than receiving F O U R natural organic baby bath products! This set of Aveeno product has everything for your baby. It includes a shampoo baby wash, a daily moisture lotion and a calming comfort wash. Those products are for the baby but there is one more for the mother! The stress relief body wash will help you relax, it has a soothing and calming effect on your body and mind. All the products are made with natural oat meal and they are free of parabens and soap.

If your friend or your sister is going to have a baby this set is superb! Aveeno is known for its good quality, it is the favorite brand of dermatologists. You can wash your kid´s hair with the shampoo, it is tear free and hypoallergenic. All products have scents of vanilla and lavender, both have relaxing effects on your baby! Good sleep is assured with these products. The moisture lotion hydrates the baby´s skin for 24 hours. Are you a mum? I guarantee that you will love the stress relief body wash. You better use it before going to sleep so the effect continues for a couple of hours. All products come inside a gorgeous basket that you can use for any other purpose.

Best Baby Bath Flower: Organic Bamboo Baby Bath Flower Sink- Bundle and Bliss

Sustainable Warriors Score

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What I Like

  • Non-slip
  • Combination of organic bamboo and cotton
  • Hygienic fiber

What I Don't Like

  • It does not dry easily

The organic bamboo material of this bath flower is gentle for the skin of your baby. Natural organic baby bath products are incredible. Cotton and bamboo compose the bath flower, that combination results in an absorbent and squashy texture. Design is important in every baby bath set! And Bundle and Bliss bath flower has a good-looking design. It contains non slip petals besides two suction cups. Since it is foldable it is very easy to store, either on your bathroom or in your wardrobe.

I recommend buying this set because you acquire a baby bath flower + a bee hooded towel for a great price. Overall cost is $39.98! The packaging is also a special feature! Everything comes within a carry bag that can function as a travel or storage bag. It is white so it matches with all your clothes. Apart from all the products you can find a bamboo washcloth: it is durable and practical. You can give the set as a present to your friend or family member, they will be delighted as soon as they see everything!

I hope that after reading our reviews of natural organic baby bath products you can decide which one to buy. All baby products are fantastic and will improve your baby´s bath experience.

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