Plant Based Athletes: All you need to know for a healthy workout

Plant based diets don't have to be just for yoguies, you can also consider it for athletes. Are you an active person? There are many high performance athletes that have opted for vegan and plant based nutrition, why won´t you? Here athletes: all you need to know for a healthy workout specially for a plant based lifestyle for athletes.

Our Top Pick Plant Based Products For Athletes

Most Comfortable - Majamas Organic Buxom Bra


This ECO Friendly Women's Solid Scoop Back Ruched Sports Bras is a casual, comfy, basic bra that’s also flattering, supportive and sustainable! Featuring gathered center-front ruching and low-cut scoop back with thick sporty straps, this comfortable no-closure wireless style offers a surprising amount of support without hooks, clasps, underwire or pads. It is made of quality eco-friendly organic cotton fabrics and offers a generous amount of stretch and breath ability. Perfect for everyday wear and the ones who consider themselves plant based athletes. This product is made in the USA, ethically designed, sourced & sewn. Buy on Amazon

Most Useful - Meal Prep for Weight Loss


Eating healthy to lose weight doesn’t have to mean spending tons of money or hours in the kitchen every day. Meal Prep for Weight Loss teaches you how to prepare healthy meals in efficient batches so you can enjoy them all week long. With these meal plans and recipes, you’ll always have a fast, nourishing meal to reach for helping you feel great and lose weight sustainably, week after week. Especially if you are planning to build an active routine to make you feel like a plant based athlete!

You will be able to learn the basics of meal planning and quick, consistent food preparation. Brush up on food safety and storage, and get tips for reheating food and using up leftovers. Each plan includes shopping lists, recipes, and step-by-step instructions for meal prep. Most of the batch-friendly recipes are suited to a Mediterranean or DASH diet, and all include nutritional information, so you can easily swap them into your meal plans. Buy on Amazon

Most Effective - The Vegan Bodybuilder's Cookbook


This book includes essential recipes and meal plans for plant-based bodybuilding. When it comes to gaining muscle, protein is king in the nutrient world, but you don’t have to be a carnivore to get “swole.” Plant based athlete? It is possible! Plants contain the nutrients needed to support your bodybuilding efforts. The Vegan Bodybuilder’s Cookbook is your comprehensive guide to keep you on track towards shredded success.

Learn to complement your training regimen with a plant-based diet featuring 102 delicious recipes, nutritional guidance, and meal plans. With the knowledge presented in this book, you will be on the way to achieving your bodybuilding goals and gaining enormous health benefits. Buy on Amazon

Most Complete - Prospera Curcumin Workout Mobility Formula


This is a joint supplement to boost flexibility of plant based athletes. A great vegan product for Crossfit. More effective and up to 20x stronger than Turmeric powder, this formula is designed for ease joint discomfort and pain. Soothe your achy shoulder, knee or back. Feel good in your run, move free in the gym

Unlike glucosamine chondroitin this turmeric supplement is developed with an optimized dose of Boswellia extract, same as Apresflex, clinically shown to fight inflammation, improving mobility in as early as 7 days. It also has higher absorption for noticeable results. Prospera's Complex is made with Curcuminoids and Bioperine, a Black Pepper extract that greatly increases bioavailability for more evident joint comforting action.

One capsule daily for natural anti-inflammatory action. Powerful antioxidant and joint health aid for active men and women. It is vegan, gluten free, non GMO and US Made. Buy on Amazon

Best for High Impact Activities - pedag Viva Sport Inserts


pedag's VIVA Sport helps you to play your best by making sure you aren't distracted by your feet. This Vegan Friendly insert cushions and supports your whole foot. High tech fiber reduces the effects of shock from impact, which can affect more than just your feet and ankles as it travels up your legs. The semi-rigid footbed has been carefully designed with a diagonal bridge. This will help to stabilize and align your bones and muscles, making sure you never put a foot wrong.

These universal, all-purpose insoles are perfect for men, women and larger children--anyone whose feet match. Sizes run from Women's 6 through 12, and Men's 6 through 18. For the best fit, choose the size that corresponds closest to your own shoe. Half sizes should order the next whole size.These insoles are designed to provide support necessary while you're engaged in physical activities. They are ideal for high impact sports, like tennis, basketball, and skiing. However, they're useful even for low impact athletics. So, no excuses to become a plant based athlete! Buy on Amazon.

Best for Present - Sport Reusable Water Bottle


This water bottle is great for measuring your daily water intake, reminding you to keep the amount of water you need in a day. And helps you reach your health and fitness goals. The flip-top lid is designed to be dustproof and leakproof, simply open with one hand by clicking the button to access your freshwater. Lightweight with a portable wrist strap makes it convenient for on-the-go hydration. The mouth is wide enough to fit ice cubes, also easy to clean. Made of quality food-grade reusable Tritan co-polyester plastic, this travel water bottle is 100% BPA & TOXIN FREE, odor-free, and healthy for your daily water drinking. Perfect for home, office, gym, and outdoor sports.

This excellent sports water bottle comes with a 32 oz large capacity and a variety of vibrant gradient color choices, it is the best present idea for yourselves, plant based athletes, friends, family members, coworkers, women, and men who enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Buy on Amazon

Best Design - Satva Super Soft Organic Cotton


This bra with a strappy, crisscross back is perfect for a range of movement. Made with fabric that's sweat-wicking and stretchable which offers great support and coverage. Gives you smooth cottony-soft handfeel, great shape retention and long-lasting comfort. It is designed with absolutely no hindrances and no things to irritate you and your skin. Only pure comfort when you wear this bra!

It is padded with removable pads for convenient adjustment. The detachable cup adds shape and full coverage, the Organic Cotton lining gives a breathable and cool feeling. It is full coverage with two tone wide elastic for extra support. Criss-cross back straps let you twist with ease during your workout. Whether you want to go to work, travel, relax, exercise, or just lounge around, this Bra is right for you. With its breathable and hypoallergenic qualities, you can wear it every day for any activity you have. No hindrances at all! Buy on Amazon

Plant based and vegan athletes exist and have many options to be coherent with a sustainable and high performance way of life. Have you already chosen which product is your type of plant based product for athletes?

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