The Best Eco-friendly Ideas for Christmas Decorations

Carols, twinkling colorful lights, baubles, and snow. Don't we all simply love Christmas? I can bet it is everyone's favorite time of the year. However, are we aware of all the disposable items that we decorate our houses with? In this article, I will share my choices of The Best Eco-friendly and Sustainable ideas for Christmas decorations.

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Our Top Pick: Ideas for Christmas Decorations

Scented Snowman Candle


How about making a change right before the year finishes? You can still make some improvements and turn your life around by getting some Sustainable Ideas for Christmas decorations, for your living room.

These soy candles are a great kickstart. Who doesn't love candles? Especially if they are sustainable. Add some holiday spirit to your home with this unique snowman candle!
It can be a cozy winter decoration for your home. It is also perfect for Christmas and holiday gifts, stocking stuffers.

This beautiful snowman candle is made of natural soy wax and white beeswax blended with pure cotton wick.

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Vibrant Succulent Wreath for Front Door


A beautiful, bright, and lively juicy wreath full of color and life. Packed with a variety of high-quality succulents from the nursery.

Made of all-natural sphagnum moss wreaths with metal legs and chains, you can hang a juicy wreath on the front door or sit at a table to make it a beautiful centerpiece. Wreaths provide your living succulents with the nutrients they need for healthy growth.

This wreath goes beyond Christmas and when you are fed up with the wreath, the plants can have a second life in your garden.

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Candy Cane Scented Candles


Candy cane candles are a scented blend of peppermint, vanilla, cedar and eucalyptus. It's like fresh winter air, topped with real candy cane and lit up to make you feel like a holiday!

They are made with 100% natural soy wax without additives or harmful chemicals. An essential oil-based fragrance that does not contain phthalates and a lead-free cotton core wick scent. In one word, it's great, must be on this ideas for Christmas decorations list.

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Eco & Vegan Christmas Medallion


Handcrafted soy wax winterly scented Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree Decorations. These medallions are filled with Winter Festive Scented Oils and Dried Botanicals. They will make any tree look amazing.

But if you do not wish to place it in your tree, there are other uses you can give them. They would be a yearly-round great decoration, if you place them close to a window, the sun heat will enhance their fragrance. You can also place them in your cupboards and wardrobes, so that you can add a lovely smell to your cloth or use it as a bathroom refresher.

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Rustic Holiday Decor


This is a beautiful star garland to place anywhere in you house to welcome your friends and family for those Christmas reunions.

They are made with recycled paper and would look great anywhere. They come in three layers of starts that will give a 3D effect to any surface. I would definitely place them on my door.

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Heirloom Beaded Wood Christmas Tree


This alternative to the traditional Christmas tree will be the last tree you will ever have to buy! Eco-friendly option can be recycled year after year. Branches are able to twist in endless directions, can be put together in a wide variety of configurations.

You can als make any decoration fit perfectly because they would just simply hook to the branches. You will get the tree disassembled and is very easy to put together and have fun with your family while doing so.

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Minimalist Wooden Christmas Tree


You can get a minimalist and Scandinavian look for your home with this beautiful designs of decorations.

Scandinavian is so trendy right now that you will be jumping on the new classic. The pack includes three figures that you can place anywhere in your house to replace those old-fashioned and not sustainable at all trees.

These trees are made with corn starch and recycled paper. isn't it just great?

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Recycled glass evergreen suncatcher


The evergreen suncatcher is made by hand from 100% post-consumer bottle glass. Once you hang it in your window it will let the sunlight sparkle through. It is a really nice decoration for those sunny winter days. It will spark any room of your house.

It comes with with a hemp cord and a recycled paper tag explaining how it was created. Because each suncatcher is individually made by hand, there will be slight variations in size, bubbles, rim size, thickness, and coloration.

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Beeswax Taper Candles


Candles are one of those decorations that cannot be missed during Christmas time. They are great ideas for Christmas decorations and they will light up any table.

As they are made from bee wax, there might be imperfections on them. But, didn't all we hear that phrases that says that true perfection has to be imperfect? This candles are just great.

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Handmade Hanging Wall Christmas Tree


This beautiful hanging tree is one of my favorite Christmas decoration ideas. Not only it is sustainable but it will also look good in any house.

Just hang it in a wall and start decorating it whichever way you feel like. It can glow up with some baubles or spark with some Christmas tree lights. Just keep it away from the candles!

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Plantable Christmas Cards


This unique pack of Eco-friendly cards is plantable and will bloom into beautiful wildflowers. It is the perfect Christmas gift for kids.

Once you have used the card, you can tear paper up into small pieces and soak in water. Then you will have to place in a pot of compost and lightly sprinkle more compost on top. After that, keep the soil and paper moist in a warm and light environment.

Once your small plants have grown, place the pot outside or keep on a window where your plant get sunshine.

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Vegan Friendly Christmas and Interior Decorations


Heart-shaped scented medallions are beautiful. You can buy them for your own house or you can get the and give as a gift to your loved ones. Personally, I would love to received these scented medallions as a gift.

I would either place it in my kitchen window or under my shower window. As soon as they are exposed to the sun, they will release sweet smells. Love them.

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Eco Friendly Christmas Stocking


Stocking is simply the kids' favorite. Because without stocking, where would Santa live the presents?

Make you Christmas decoration more sustainable by getting this recycled, coffee bags stocking. They are all different sizes and colors but if you are lucky you might get a match! They are also handmade.

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Eco Friendly Christmas Party Bags


Have you ever wonder what present would an eco-friendly kid want? Well, this party bag could be a really nice option.

This is a great little thank you present or general present for any child who is into nature and the environment. They are perfect party bags that take care of the environment as well.

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Eco-friendly Christmas tree


Here's an idea for small houses and offices: decorate your rooms for Christmas in a sustainable but also fashionable way.

The cardboard Christmas tree is constructed entirely from natural recycled cardboard. This means that it could be possible that various letters and symbols have been printed on one side of the cardboard detail.

Pick some baubles and lights and decorate this Sustainable Christmas tree.

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Circuit Board Christmas Tree Decoration


This is the Sustainable Christmas Decoration ideas that all computers and game fans should be looking at.

Hook them on your sustainable tree and have a merry "geekmas"! They are made out from recycled cardboard and they would just look amazing.

I found this is a really nice alternative to regular Christmas decorations.

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Let's get our Christmas decorations ideas to be sustainable ones. Christmas is meant to reunite with the family and what is more family than the one and only mother nature. Let's take care of it by choosing sustainable Christmas decorations.

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