Eco-Friendly Halloween: The Best Indoor Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner, but when it comes to decorating your home for the spooky holiday, it can be a challenge to keep things eco-friendly. Most store-bought decorations are made with non-recyclable plastic and covered in toxic paint or synthetic fabrics. But there is no need for frivolous spending and waste when it comes to decorating for Halloween. Here we bring you the best indoor decorations that you can use to unicycle things that are already lying around your house, allowing you to keep your environmental impact to a minimum.

Our Top Pick Indoor Halloween Decorations

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Bed Sheet Ghosts

Not only this sustainable idea is extremely easy for an eco- friendly Halloween but it is has also been one of the favorite ones for years. In order to make your own indoor Halloween decorations, you just have to take some old white bed sheets, leaves or newspaper and some string. After that, simply stuff your old sheets with leaves or newspaper and tie some string around the sheet to make the head. Then, hang them in order to create a spooky atmosphere at home.

Tip: it can also be used outdoors to add a scary effect to your front yard.

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Aluminum Can Luminaries

It is one of the easier eco friendly decorations of all since it's easy to divide the tasks and enjoy a nice family time! If you have some large empty cans left over from that last batch of veggie chili you made, you can create some pretty fabulous luminaries for your home. Just spray paint the cans black, and use a hammer and nails to punch holes in the sides.

These can be Halloween-themed messages or images: the goal is to create a cool pattern that will shine and twinkle when a candle is placed inside.



It is an obvious eco friendly choice, but you don’t have to limit yourself to carving pumpkins for Halloween. Instead, you can wrap gourds in bows or paint them with non-toxic paint to create environmentally friendly decorations.

If you want to keep things really simple, use plain gourds and pumpkins to decorate your dinner table, add some color to your front porch or line your steps or walkway. Then, compost your pumpkins and gourds after your eco- friendly Halloween to help fertilize your garden. Check this: How to Start Composting? Everything You Need To Know About It


Dryer Extraction Tube Pumpkins

This one is a really nice indoor option and an honest cheap one! Scrunch-able tubes that attach to the backs of clothes dryers just happen to be ideal for making pumpkins. Just cut one in half, extend both pieces fully, and spray-paint them in your desired color (orange- black or white) Use a hot glue gun to glue each pumpkin’s ends together, add cinnamon sticks and some shredded paper or moss for the stems, and display them anywhere you like.

Here’s a tip: you might want to fill them with a bit of sand so that they get heavier. To do that, just add a couple of cups of sand before gluing the ends closed.


Stocking Spider Sacs

This is probably the most skin-crawl-inducing of the lot, but super easy to make. Just cut the legs off some white stockings, stuff one end so it bulbs out (you can use pillow stuffing, tulle, fabric, or even a balloon for this), then pull the other stocking on over it. Stuff plastic or paper spiders of various sizes between the stockings so they appear to be very, very numerous, and then stick some more spiders on the outside.

Before you know it, your house will be absolutely spooky just in time for Halloween…Definitely, one of the best indoor options for you!


Mad scientist lab

This is the perfect decoration item to hit at your holiday party while taking care of the planet. Just take some empty jars at home — old baby food, pickle, olive or sauce jars — in order to turn your home into a mad scientist’s laboratory.

You can put animal toys, eyeballs or other strange objects into each jar with some water and non-toxic or natural food coloring, and fill a shelf (or a window) with some crazy Halloween experiments.


Spider Webs

Here we come with a simple decorating idea for your perfect eco- friendly Halloween. This is easy and fast to do and you'll just need a few materials to get it done. All you need is yarn and scissors. Start by laying out a basic horizontal and vertical frame from the yarn, and then start weaving more yarn to make a web.

You can make this everywhere at home (over the stairs, at every corner or maybe as a way of decorating your lamps just like the photo)


Spooky Garlands

Speaking of scary options, you’ll be sure to freak out your guests if you stick a bunch of these in your house.

Skulls, skeletons, disembodied heads… they’re all associated with this spook-tacular holiday and they really channel the spirit of the season. Halloween garlands like this one are easy to do and you'll just need a few cardboard in disuse, scissors and paint in order to start.

First, make sure you make the perfect choice regarding the figure you want to reproduce. Then, copy it on your cardboard and finally cut them with your scissors. You're done! Time to celebrate!

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Glass Jars Filled with Creepy Stuff

You’d be amazed at how many items around your home can be reused to create Halloween decor pieces. To create these containers, you just need some empty glass jars and a bit of creativity. Shove strips of moss into an empty jar and label them as “Troll Scabs”, or pour some glitter and glycerine into another jar for “Unicorn Tears”. The “Bundle of Nerves” (as shown above) was made from a handful of lichen that were painted red and then tied together with string.

You’d be surprised at how unnerving everyday items can look when floating in liquid, especially with creepy labels on them.


Spooky Masks

Paper towel and toilet paper rolls aren’t just great fire starters: they’re ideal for creating spooky eyes that peer out from corner in the dead of night, like these ones. Just grab an utility knife and carve some creepy-looking eyes in the roll, then pop in a glow stick, and duct-tape the ends shut. Hide these at every corner of your house.

Why not hanging them at the front door so that eerie glowing eyes follow trick-or-treaters as they slink up to your door for candy? A great idea!

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If you want to get ready for this date and you're the one that prefers to get your home decorated by your own, save this list and pick one of these indoor Halloween decorations to get ready for an eco- friendly Halloween. It is possible to go green at Halloween, you just have to look around the house for items that you can reuse to help reduce the problem of holiday waste.

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The options are endless when it comes to DIY eco-friendly Halloween decorations. When you opt to make a few instead of buying plastic items at the store, the environment will thank you.

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