Vegan Halloween Treats: Easy to Love! Find Healthy Options

It´s Halloween season! Everyone is excited about this important time of the year. But who are the most happy ones? Children! Children looove to dress up during the night and go trick or treat to all the houses around the neighborhood. Teenagers and adults are not left out of discussion. They tend to party that night or to share dinner with friends and family. No matter the age, styling and make up are always in! However it is always hard to find vegan and gluten free treats for that special night. Here you will find reviews of eight Vegan Halloween treats, easy to love! Healthy options for everyone :)

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Our Top Pick Halloween Treats Easy


Halloween Lollipop Collection

This collection of three lollipops is perfect for your niece or your child. They have different shapes for everyone: skull, spider or angry pumpkin. Made with chocolate and white chocolate, they are allergy friendly! Lollipops are great because children can eat them anywhere.

The best thing about them is that they are vegan! Neither dairy products nor gluten are used in their elaboration. Nowadays parents have to pay close attention to all the ultra processed food eaten by children.

Luckily, these lollipops do not contain artificial colors or flavors :) Buy on Amazon

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Organic Halloween Lollipops

Halloween treats easy for big Halloween parties or to do trick or treat in all the houses of the neighborhood.

  • Beautiful colors and flavors: mango tango, strawberry smash and more.
  • Vegan, gluten free and organic!

They are made with organic sugar and organic concentrates. Buy on Amazon

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Low Sugar Sour Gummy Worms

Have you got small children? Then these sour worms are Halloween treats easy for them!

  • Worm shape is super funny! They are low in sugar, keep calm and offer them to your children.
  • Made with a plant-based and vegan recipe :)

Buy eight packs of them for $19.90 and you will be the best mum ever. Buy on Amazon

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SmartSweets Sourmelon Bites

Watermelon slices: Halloween treats easy for fruit lovers! Small size and delicious candy :)

  • Low sugar candy: best one on the market. Enjoy them after lunch.
  • This gummy candy is free from alcohol and artificial flavors.

One bag equals one serving. Take them everywhere! Buy on Amazon

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Low Sugar Organic Certified Golly Lolli's

Halloween treats easy for kids! They like to share candies with their friends so these lollipops are a great option.

  • Practical snacks for children and adults, enjoy them in three different fruit flavors.
  • 1 gram of sugar per pop! That means 75% less that leading brands of lollipops.

USDA certified organic, vegan and sustainable :) Buy on Amazon

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Chocolatey, Sprinkle Covered Pretzel Singles

These are Halloween treats easy for pretzel lovers! They are covered in chocolate mmm

  • Vegan, dairy product free, soy free: allergy friendly :)
  • Great option to replace regular candies, they are individually packed.

The angry pumpkin perfectly matches with the theme! Buy on Amazon

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X-treme Smarties Sour Candy Rolls Vegan-Friendly

Halloween treats easy for original parties or trick or treat. Delicious candy rolls :)

  • Sweet and sour candies for everyone: children and adults.
  • I love them since they are vegan, gluten free and low calorie.

They are available in different fresh flavors. Buy on Amazon

hal 8

Halloween Sprinkles - Cake Sprinkles - Candy Eyeball

Halloween treats easy to decorate cupcakes and cakes!

  • Vibrant toppers for your baked goods: colorful and delicious!
  • Spooky and spider shape! Kids will love them :)

They are reusable, they come in individual containers. Buy on Amazon

Halloween is one of the greatest moments of the year. There is nothing better than sharing it with your children or your young family members. Give them the best Halloween treats ever by choosing one of the options found above.

Take a look at this article and make the best cookies in the neighborhood! Vegan Cookies: A way to eat healthier and delicious. Your children can eat them during tea or after dinner. I made them at home and everyone loved them.

Leave in comments your favorite Halloween treat!

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