4 Books to Learn about What an Enneagram Is? Great For Beginners

Have you ever heard about Enneagrams? If you haven’t, an Enneagram is a personality tool that helps you have a better understanding about yourself and others. Getting to fully read and comprehend an Enneagram can be tricky but you can have a little help by reading Enneagrams books or Enneagram ebooks. In this article I’ll show you four different Enneagram books that will get your way around this tricky concept.

First, one thing I’ve found pretty amazing is to know where the word Enneagram comes from. Enneagram is made by two Greek words. In the beginning of the word “Ennea” means nine as the number and “grammons” stands for symbol or figure. So, we can describe an Enneagram by definition as a nine-pointed symbol. Then, we are basically basing the understanding of personalities around nine types.

The Enneagram personalities are divided into:

  1. The Reformer (Enneagram Type 1),
  2. The Helper (Enneagram Type 2),
  3. The Achiever (Enneagram Type 3),
  4. The Individualist (Enneagram Type 4),
  5. The Investigator (Enneagram Type 5),
  6. The Loyalist (Enneagram Type 6),
  7. The Enthusiast (Enneagram Type 7),
  8. The Challenger (Enneagram Type 8),
  9. The Pacemaker (Enneagram Type 9).
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Learning to know how to read an Enneagram requires practice and practice. You can learn all this tricks by having a look at these Enneagram books. After reading them you will become a master in Enneagram reading. Are you ready to pick your favorite?

Our Top Pick: Enneagram books

Take Care of Your Type: An Enneagram Guide to Self-Care by Christina Wilcox

Defined as a journey to self discovery through the understanding of Enneagrams. A very well written and designed book to truly maximize your self-care. Buy on Amazon

Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery by Don Richard Riso

Personality Types is an incredible first start if you are willing to learn about the nine different types of personalities. Great choice if you are looking for something simple and easy to read. Buy on Amazon

The Essential Enneagram by David Daniels

Based on Professor Daniels career and experience, you should totaly have a look at this one if you are a professional trying to use enneagrams into your career as well. Buy on Amazon

The road back to you: an enneagram journey to Self-discovery by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile

Simple and interesting, the road back to you will let you know how to use enneagrams to understand yourself better. Buy on Amazon

The following part is a deeper and more detailed review of each product.

Take Care of Your Type: An Enneagram Guide to Self-Care by Christina Wilcox

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What I Like

  • Interesting perspective
  • well written

What I Don't Like

  • Not only focused in enneagrams

Christina Wilcox wrote this sweet and empathetic guide to help people discover and recognize different self-care routines depending on personality types. The author explains that she wrote the book focusing on the choices that we can make to overcome different personal struggles, weaknesses and build up spiritual and mind strength.

What I’ve found most amusing about this book is the insight. It is focused on the perspective of self-care, and this is just great. Take care of your type covers enough information to cover everyone’s needs. It is an incredibly rich source of self-love and compassion.

If you are familiar with the enneagram concept but you are looking for a different perspective, this is the book you should be picking.

The entire book is based on answering the question “What is the best morning routine for my type?”. And from there it takes you to a self-discovery journey until you are able to answer questions such as “What boundaries are important for myself?”. A truly inspiring guidebook.


The book is filled up with colorful illustrations that will help you reconnect with your true self and get rid of your daily stress. After reading this book you will feel happy and healthier not only physically but also mindfully and spiritually.

Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery by Don Richard Riso

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What I Like

  • Professionally written

What I Don't Like

  • Might be only suitable for professionals.

What is the real value of the Enneagram? Simple, a journey toward self-discovery. Exactly this is what the author tries to explain through the entire book. This book is a true win regarding having a look at other’s people’s insight. It will allow you to learn and grow not only personally but also spiritually.

Don Richard Riso shows you the map to follow into the knowledge of your truly self. It will teach you how to use an enneagram towards reflection and thinking about who you are and who you can become. This is an expanded edition of the classic interpretation of enneagrams.

Personality Types is an amazing tool for therapists social workers, people managing other people and of course, just for people who want to understand themselves.

As Tony Schwartz said about this book ““No Enneagram teachers I’ve come across offer such a rich and dynamic picture of how each personality type expresses itself in the world, and the process by which we can move through progressive stages of psychological and spiritual growth.”


Don Richard Riso is the most published and well recognized author in the field. Not only he writes about enneagrams but also, he has become the president of Enneagram personality types Inc. and also founder of the Enneagram institute. It is a must read if you are interested in learning about how you can change your behavior with enneagrams.

The Essential Enneagram by David Daniels

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What I Like

  • Great tool
  • Interesting insight

What I Don't Like

  • Might have too many exercises.

Focusing on enneagrams as part of a sacred tradition, this book describes this tool as an invaluable guide towards self-understanding and development. Professor Daniels shows us a scientifically focused enneagram test and teaches us how to use it and learn from it. On this book you will find an effective self-test to learn what your personality looks like. The Enneagram book includes instructions for having a look at how you think, feel, and experience the world. Once you have learnt this, the guide continues to teach you how to maximize your inner strength.

The essential enneagram provides all the tools you need to discover which of the nine personalities there are. Learning this will let you enhance your life quality. I’ve found this book quite simple and easy to understand the different types of enneagrams. Not only it explains about the types of personality but also provides with exercises and practices to discover yourself. Step by step this book will walk you through the different types of personalities and allow you to experience your true self.

The author of this book, David Daniels, consistently worked around the enneagram as a tool for self-help and professional and relationship development. His insight toward the matter is delightful and easy to understand. He devoted his life to the study of enneagrams and believed in self development through self-assessment and self-help practices.


Proff Daniels was also known for developing a 10-minute daily mindfulness breathing exercises as a simple form of meditation and relaxation. David Daniels was convinced that humans need to truly understand themselves in order to prevail. what it is also linked to self-acceptance and self-care. This is an incredible book not only to read but also to practice and learn which type of personality you have as per an enneagram.

The road back to you: an enneagram journey to Self-discovery by Ian morgan cron and Suzanne Stabile

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What I Like

  • Simple
  • easy to understand

What I Don't Like

  • May not like it if not into Religion

There is an easy, simple, and comprehensive way of getting to understand what an enneagram is. In this Enneagram book, Cron & Stabile describe in significant but simple words what this ancient personality type is. This is a great book to learn about yourself and also starting to be in someone else’s shoes. As the writers explain, once we know how people might react and why, we would become more sympathetic towards them.

The Road back to you is not just another personality test or exam. It is a sum up of a better understanding of the wholeness of the human being. Although the whole book has a strong Christian and holy view (Ian Cron is a priest and a therapist himself), it is an amazing tool to understand personalities. It allows us to see the enneagram as a instrument for personal development that has become extremely popular in the past few years. Enneagrams are being used in the most well-known corporations in order to maximize profits and get the work culture better. They are great means to use either for personally or professionally purposes.

So, this book will give you an insight about enneagrams and let you decide whether you’d like to learn about the to use them in your personal life or for work. It is a must read for sure.

Both authors base their writing in the concepts that there is no knowledge of God itself until one knows its truly self. Thus, get to know yourself before you want to meet God. And despite the fact that I don’t really believe in this Christian God, I do trust that getting to know how we really are is super important in every aspect of life.

An enneagram will show you which of the nine types of personalities that are in the world, you belong to. Each type of personality has a different and unique way of seeing and interacting with the world and by knowing this you can kind of predict the way on how someone might behave. An enneagram will show you how each type of personality might behave towards different aspects of life. For example, in relationships, as kids, at work and so on.

As Tom Merton said, “The purpose of the Enneagram is to develop self-knowledge and learn how to recognize and dis-identify with the parts of our personalities that limit us so we can be reunited with our truest and best selves”. Enneagrams will allow you to improve your relationships and growing professionally if well understood.

Each of the nine personalities are described at length and depth. All of the personality types are described as stories. Once you are reading the book and discover your own types of personality, you might feel as if you were looking at a mirror.


Both authors write in the book: “One of the things I love about the Enneagram is that it recognizes and takes into account the fluid nature of the personality, which is constantly adapting as circumstances change”. The book is well and easy written, and it will help you discover your true self. Even the dark side of yourself from a really interesting perspective. You will be encouraged by this book and it will make you want to keep on until you reach the final pages.

Have you found your favorite Enneagram book yet?

If you are willing to learn more, you can find Out More About Yourself With This Enneagram Test For Free.

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