Ring Camera Solar Panel: All You Need To Know About It

Have you got a big backyard? Do you live outdoors? Worried about thieves? This ring camera solar panel came to solve all your problems. Place the camera outside your house and you will be able to monitor all movements from your smartphone or tablet. The fantastic feature is the battery. Battery is charged with a solar panel that has to be installed next to the camera. Communicate with visitors using your voice. Quality camera is of 1080 HD, it also has infrared night vision! Find here everything you need to know about it :)

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Sustainable solar camera that assures safety. Connect it to your smartphone and start living the experience. Hear and speak with your guests from inside the house. It recharges with solar energy and records videos up to 60 days.

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Having a ring camera is essential for your daily life. Stop opening the door to everyone who rings the bell and start verifying beforehand who is at your door. It is super easy! Installing the camera and the solar panel takes about 10 minutes. Then, all you need to do is downloading the app from your store and start enjoying the camera. Having a smartphone or a tablet is essential in this case. Monitoring is only possible from those devices.

The camera has infrared vision, lights and siren to alert strangers outside your house. Alerts arrive to your phone whenever motion is detected, you can be anywhere and you will still know what is going on at your place.

What I Like

  • Smart connection with devices
  • Rechargeable with solar energy
  • Siren activation

What I Don't Like

  • You need to have a smartphone or a tablet
  • Great Wi-Fi signal required
  • It might be expensive


Ring Camera Solar Pane

Is it hard to install?

Ring camera solar panel is extremely easy to install. First of all you have to find a good spot outside your door. Things to take into account when deciding: strong Wi-Fi signal required, distance from floor to camera has to be of 3 meters, material of the wall. Ring camera solar panel contains a battery inside which has to be put before placing it on the wall. Now the battery will be charged by solar energy that comes from the solar panel.

Once the camera is ready, feel free to adjust motion zones so that the camera focuses on the most important areas of your place. Field of view is 78° vertical and 140° horizontal.

How does this surveillance camera work?

The ring camera solar panel records all videos in 1080 HD quality. Monitor every movement from your smartphone or tablet. Camera is connected through internet to your device, that is why it is so important to place it near a spot with strong Wi-Fi signal. Videos are stored on a memory card up to 60 days. Once the ring camera solar panel detects movement, an alert is sent to your device. Then is up to you.

Options include: communicating with strangers through voice, turning on the siren or the lights to scare them. All of that can be done by the app and from the inside of your house.

Is it possible to see live or recorded video?

Yes! That´s the advantage of this type of modern surveillance cameras. In the past years you had to buy a monitor apart from the camera. The monitor would be placed inside the house (usually near the kitchen) and when the bell rang you would go there to check who was outside. Nowadays everything you need is a smartphone or tablet. Just by clicking on a button you have access to live video 24/7. Whether you are at your friend´s house or at a party, access to video is possible.

Have you seen a robbery at your door and want to report it to the police? You can do it! Access recorded video through your device and store it in your computer or hard drive.

Solar panel benefits:

Sustainable cameras are invading the hot market in the last few years. People are being more conscious about the environment and luckily they search for low polluting devices. The ring camera solar panel is one of that devices. Solar panel allows the battery to be constantly charged without the need of being plugged to power. During rainy days the camera uses stored battery power and can work perfectly.

The damage of regular batteries to the planet is brutal. When batteries corrode, the chemicals released get to the soil and contaminate water. Besides they can also start fires.

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Design and illumination:

Ring camera solar panel is beyond aesthetic. It is designed to be unnoticed, that´s why the white color and small size were chosen by the creator. Imagine that if someone wants to trespass on your property and he/she notices the camera, the event won´t be recorded. Ring camera solar panel includes led light-strips that are activated once the camera detects motion. My friend told me that the light helps him to park his car with clear vision :)

In the video above you can see the real size of the camera and you can learn all its incredible features.


Taking into account all the things that the ring camera solar panel is able to do apart from its surveillance function, the price is great. $229.99 is all that the camera costs. Ring brand specifies that the ring camera solar panel includes a lifetime theft protection. That means that if your camera is stolen, they will replace it with a new one at no cost for you. Sustainable and unique: what are you waiting for to buy it? Buy on Amazon

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Other regular surveillance cameras contain many polluting components inside. The advantage of this ring camera is the solar panel that provides power to the battery. As we mentioned before the damage of lithium batteries is huge and sadly unstoppable. Choosing sustainable surveillance cameras such as ring camera solar panel makes a better world. Find more about the battery of ring camera solar panel here: Solar Panel Battery Information

Additional features:

This sustainable surveillance camera can be linked to Alexa! Just link your ring account with Alexa device and start to live the adventure. Hands free is super practical when you are busy doing something. Configurate your voice and when someone rings the bell Alexa will answer for you ;)

Final Comments:

Ring camera solar panel is a great choice to be sustainable and protected at the same time. My favorite things about it are the ability to see live videos from my smartphone, the motion sensor alerts and the chance to talk to visitors from the app without going out. Read all the details and make your choice! Leave in comments your experience with the ring camera :)

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