Best Solar Lamps to buy online: Shifting to Solar Powered Energy

Solar-powered lighting is a cutting-edge technology that, paradoxically, uses the most natural and ancient energy source to get electricity: the sun.

Mobile, eco-friendly, and durable design are just a few of the goods this kind of clean energy provides. Why did take us so long to get to this? I don´t know. The past can´t be changed, but the future is sparkling. Take the chance and highlight yourself with these beautiful and healthy options we brought for you. These are the Best Solar Lamps to buy online to make the shifting to solar energy easier.

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Our Top Pick + Best Solar Lamps to buy online

Best For Outdoor + Solar Powered Garden Light - Maggift


These solar-powered lights are ideal for lighting pathways. They draw pretty patterns in the ground and create a warm ambiance.

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Best Design + Solar Powered Resin Wicker Floor Lamp - Grand Patio


With a modern and ecological material, this solar-powered light won the prize in the best design category. Perfect for enhancing your outdoor decoration.

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Most Portable - Inflatable LED Lantern - Solight Design


The best choice if you are looking for a comfortable mobile solar-powered light. Perfect for anything but even better for camping or traveling. It has a folding design inspired by origami balloons.

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Best Price - Solar Decorative Lights Outdoor - HOMEGIFT


Decorative, funny, and cheap. These solar-powered lights will make your pathway shine. It looks like ornamental grass, but you can DIY the iron wires and stylish it yourself.

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Best Overall- Solar Lantern Outdoor Hanging Garden- Pearlstar


If you are looking for something decorative while enlightening your garden, bedroom, or table, this is a beautiful option and affordable. Feels like you are lighting up with fireflies.

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Best For Outdoor + Solar Powered Garden Light - Maggift

Sustainable Warriors Score
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What I Like

  • Perfect for pathways
  • The pattern they draw
  • Weather resistant

What I Don't Like

  • It is made of plastic
  • Not so bright

Solar Lights For A Mystical Pathway

We all like to make our home a cozy place. Now, this can be achieved in an ecological way. These solar-powered lights are the perfect option when we are looking for something to light up our garden or pathways while creating a warm atmosphere. They are made to guide your footstep softly, so don´t expect to be dazzled by them.

The Solar Powered Garden Light - Maggift is really beautiful. They draw a kind of Arabic pattern on the ground. Like all the solar lights, they charge during the day with the full direct sun (remember to switch on the charger) and are bright at night, almost 8 hours long, depending on the light exposure they had.


The only thing I don´t like about them is that they are made from plastic. That´s something I always reject, but considering the function of these lights, it´s a good and affordable way to make the shift to solar-powered lighting. As they say, The world needs more imperfect environmentalists, is better a lot of people doing little things than do nothing. So I will forgive plastic this time and continue with these solar lamps' virtues; always remember to think about the proper disposal of plastic when is no longer usable.

The virtues of the Maggift Solar Powered Lights are, also, they are waterproof and weather-resistant. It comes with two kinds of stakes, so they are wind safe. Anyway, I always recommend removing them when there are many days of rain in a row cause they need full direct sun to work optimally, and standing by the rain, although are waterproof, will reduce their lifecycle.

When it comes to buying solar lamps online for making your garden/path sparkle, this is a great and mystical option.

Best Design + Solar Powered Resin Wicker Floor Lamp - Grand Patio

Sustainable Warriors Score


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What I Like

  • It´s Fancy
  • Suitable and Lightweight
  • Iron and Wicker made

What I Don't Like

  • Is no kid-proof

Elegance is ecological

So many people think that being ecological means not thinking about aesthetics. Technology continues developing new responses to everyday duties and now faces a bigger challenge: things must be practical and ecological. Considering this, I choose this solar-powered floor lamp as the winner in the best design category.

Made from an iron steel frame covered with a wicker panel, this solar light is elegant and suitable outdoors, such as indoors. It´s lightweight, so you will have no problem replacing it, and looks really, really well. Perfect to create a warm ambiance, these lamps are modern and eco-friendly gadgets you will love to have at home.


My dislike is really personal because this floor lamp is at the kid´s reach. And in my case, that´s a problem and a risk to its lifetime, the lamp's lifetime, not my kid´s. One of all of the benefits of solar-powered lights is that they are cordless, so there is no electrical risk. Because of this, solar energy is really safe and healthy, besides being prolix and not having any cord mess.

Anyway, that can be solved by placing the lamp up on a desk or a rack. Beyond that, this is a perfect option if you want solar lamps online to buy and decorate your place.

Most Portable- Inflatable LED Lantern- Solight Design

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What I Like

  • Is like an origami cage
  • Practical & Bright
  • + Colors

What I Don't Like

  • I have something to say: I love it

The sun folded in your backpack

Needless to say that this is my favorite. I love to do outdoor sports such as trekking, kayaking, and camping, and these solar lights are really awesome and practical. If you are looking to buy outdoor solar lamps, go for it!

Let me tell you a short story: Alice Min Soo Chun, a South Korean Woman, and professor of architectural design and material technology, one day became a mother of a little boy that another day came up with asthma. The cause? Pollution. So Alice blends its motherhood force with her ever-brightness to create the Solar Puff. She got inspired by origami and tried to invent a solar light solution for health and that can be used as a disaster relief solution, as you can read in Wikipedia.

So, this solar puff was really helpful after Haiti's earthquakes.


Now you can go with the sun folded in your backpack, or hold this inspirational design everywhere, anytime. Is waterproof, lightweight, and inflatable. What? Yes, but you don´t need to blow into it; pull it up, and it will pop open to a cube. You also can choose the changing colors cube.

This Inflatable LED Lantern- Solight Design is really smart and handy. It has the whole package considering that 3% of its sales go to a foundation that delivers light to needy places. These kinds of triple-impact designs are the ones we value and support. I think everything should be a triple impact, even the tiniest actions. We can´t think of any business without thinking about its footprint, without considering what we are giving back to the Earth (that gives us all we have) and the people around us, which are for who we are creating.

Which other business do you know that work this way? Tell us and spread the word! Great ideas need to be supported to grow.

Best Price - Solar Decorative Lights Outdoor- HOMEGIFT

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What I Like

  • Decorative
  • You can DIY them
  • Cheap

What I Don't Like

  • The ornamental grass is from plastic
  • It is not very fancy at day

This is cheap; move your heap!

Besides, we are not Shakira we can do the Waka Waka dance at this price. It is funny spending because is decorative and will make your garden thrive at night. Perfect for a party or to hang out, these solar lights create a great ambiance.

What I like about them is that you can dress the iron wires up the way you want. They come like ornamental grass, but you can DIY them. If you are the creative ones, I´m sure you will make them look prettier on the day.


Ideal for decor from celebrations to pathways. Consider the lamps are small so that they won´t brighten a lot; they are just ornamental gadgets. That is something to keep in mind if you buy outdoor solar lamps.

Generally, people invest a lot of money in decoration, and ornamental lights are usually so much time on. So this is a really good option to decorate without increasing your light bill in an eco-friendly way if you are thinking of buying outdoor solar lamps.

How do you think you can dress up the wires? I think it would be nice to place them between natural big bushes.

Best Overall- Solar Lantern Outdoor Hanging Garden- Pearlstar

Sustainable Warriors Score


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What I Like

  • It`s versatile
  • Cheap
  • Material

What I Don't Like

  • Is not for illumination, just for decor

Light Up The Cave

Don´t you think these solar lights are as medieval as a hipster? I know you want to buy solar lamps online, but if you want something just for decoration or for taking many selfies, this is the one for you. The Solar Lantern Outdoor Hanging Garden- Pearlstar is versatile; it can fit as much with a rustic style as a modern one and is lightweight, so is easy to move it and replace it anytime you want.

You can also use it for walking while feeling in a medieval movie, crossing long hallways holding the straw handle, and praying not to get surprised by any ghost. They are great for lighting up children's bedrooms because it`s a soft light that lets them sleep while feeling safe with these "fireflies" lamps.


But fireflies need freedom, they only get into this metal cage to illuminate children`s dreams, and during the day, they go out to catch the light sun. Or, in other words: remember you have to change this, as any other solar lamp, with the direct sun as much as you can to assure the night lightning.

Most of the solar lamps online are for decoration, so don´t expect them to be very bright. If you need something better to illuminate workspaces as well, I recommend you look for appropriate solar systems. There`s no rush, you can start searching for information about how to do the solar panels work and which one you need. The ones I'm showing you here are the first step on the solar lightning trip. You can hang it from trees, a gallery, courtyards, place it over the table or a rack, you decide!

Which are the best ways to dispose of your rechargeable batteries?

Most of these solar lamps use rechargeable batteries to work, there is where they save the converted solar energy. So, everything is cool and green style until we get to the batteries disposal. What should we do with them? Well, I found a company: Call2Recycle, that offers battery recycling, so check the nearest drop-off location to deliver your batteries once they no longer work.

Refreshing all the solar-powered lights benefits:

  • Is SAFE. There is no electrocution risk
  • AESTHETIC. There is no cord mess
  • FREE! The main source is natural, free, and everlasting (well, it has 5 million years left, yet) SAVE YOUR MONEY!
  • ECOLOGICAL. There is no pollution by producing this energy.
  • KEEP THE BURGLARS AWAY. Because there is no way to do an electrical cut

There is no sense using non-renewable energy sources that are finite and costly when you can harness the power of the sun to illuminate your living or working space.

The Lightning Outlet

What do you think? I dream of a solar-powered future and a greener lifestyle. They say that medieval people thought of themselves as part of nature. Hope we can reach that again and combine it with the modern discoveries and advances for earthlings' evolution! And evolution starts with no pollution.

These are the best solar lamps online; which one do you prefer? Do you think it is the beginning of the shift? Share your experience with us, we`ll love to read about you!

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